A Quick and Easy Guide to DIY Home Improvement

It is satisfying to tear up a worn-out linoleum floor and replace it with some lovely hardwood especially using the DIY method. Achieving such DIY standards, however, needs time and patience. In this article, we provide a quick and easy guide to DIY home improvement.

A Quick and Easy Guide to DIY Home Improvement

You will learn how you can paint your house, as well as take care of your backyard.


Painting is a suitable way to improve your home. It is an easy skill that only requires attention to detail. When it comes to painting, you want to prepare a room first. If you happen to skip the preparation step, you will have walls and ceilings having drips and splatters. Even if you have a Knauf plasterboard, you still need to prep it before painting it. Preparing the walls and ceilings will make the new paint adhere well to the surfaces.

1. Protect your furniture

The first thing to do is protect your furniture. You can relocate them to other rooms or move them to the centre of the room. Ensure you buy a drop cover for covering them, including the floor.

2. Remove Outlet Covers

Remove the plates that cover your sockets and switches. It sounds like a lot of work, but you don’t want drops of different colours staining them. Ensure you keep the screws in a safe location. Alternatively, you can keep them covered by a well-used painter’s tape. You can use this tape to cover door handles and other equipment around the room.

3. Scrape and spackle

Scrape off any peeling of paint on the wall or ceiling. Also, fix any large cracks using spackle. Remember to also dust the walls and apply primer to the walls. Once you prepare the surfaces, you can choose the right paint. All paints have required a specific environment to provide the best results. If you use the wrong paint finish for a particular room, you can end up with a great disappointment considering the wasted effort. Therefore ensure you do some research on paint finishes. For example, you can learn that a satin finish is suitable for wood surfaces or that an eggshell finish is not appropriate for kitchens and hallways because it wears out easily. As you choose the paint, you also need to choose a suitable brush and rollers.

DIY landscaping

Landscaping is a proper way to improve your home. Start by finding the slope of your yard. A considerable steep to your yard is good because rainwater can easily flow downhill. You will avoid common flooding problems known to damage your property and yard. A good yard is protected from getting trampled on by the kids or pets. Try and keep the yard away from the usual footpath. You can separate some landscaping essentials such as hammocks from delicate arrangements. If you want to plant trees, consider the variety. Large Trees need to be planted at least 35 feet away from your house. In this manner, the roots will not ruin the foundation of the house. Also, take note of where the gas and sewer lines run to avoid damage to them. When cutting grass, keep it about 3 inches and leave it looking green and healthy.

A Quick and Easy Guide to DIY Home Improvement - DIY landscaping

Create Space

A cluttered home is untidy. You want to figure out how you can create space and tidy your home. For instance, you can create space for your pet. Setting a special place for pets is a good way to avoid them littering your home. Another way is by cleaning up your messy cords. Messy cords from your stereo and TV are an unsightly addition. Most people hide them behind drywall. There are still some crafty options to hide your cords.


Freshening up your tile floor is a proper way to improve your home. You will have removed all filthy stains, especially in your bathroom. You need to have a tile refinishing kit which you can easily get in a hardware shop. Cleaning your tile can be tedious however, it will leave your grout looking beautiful and new. It is much cheaper than putting in new tiles.


There are many more ways to improve your home. Those listed above are the key steps to making your home have a new touch. Knowing, however, is half the battle. You need to use your hands and get the work done.

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