The Ultimate DIY Guide to Appliance Repair

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In this advancing technological era, gadgets and appliances are being produced at a rapidly increasing rate, with the average revenue in consumer electronics at USD 400 million in 2020. I mean, who doesn’t want a brand new Wi-Fi enabled Instant pot or Modular light panels with IoT technology?

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Appliance Repair

But keeping up with new appliances means constantly needing to repair them since they are in use all the time or otherwise outdated. Appliance repair is a costly affair with the average fee for repairs costing between $100 to $ 350 dollars, especially for big items such as refrigerators or cookers. Small items such as toasters or iron boxes may be a little less costly but amount to the same costs when including the service charge of fixing the items coupled with the frequency of repair. As much as these appliances are fancy and state of the art technology, the need to save up on repair fees and fix them up individually may arise. This can be financially relieving but also not a good idea if you lack the following items:

  • A full digital toolkit
  • Technical know-how on how to fix appliances
  • Warranties

DIY appliance repair may seem like a solid plan at first but it comes with various repercussions, like electrocution, irreparable damage to the appliance, wastage of time and spending more than intended, are some but a few of the problems that arise. But when your new All-in-one Washer and Dryer acts up, who do you call? Below are some guided tips on how to identify a professional technician:

  1. Experienced with brands

A good technician is well versed with different brands and has years of experience dealing with a variety of market appliances. This exposure is just what is needed to diagnose the problem and consequently find a solution. As much as overall experience is paramount, it is best to go with a technician who is specifically trained in distinct areas.

  1. Good ratings

Most credible technicians are often transparent with their dealings and their reviews are easily found online. If it is a service company, ensure to carefully check the review and comment section in order to take note of any red flags that may appear. After this, make relevant inquires through a phone call or email to check whether they are readily available for the job and what is required of you.

  1. Cost

The last thing you want to do is repair an appliance with the same cost as buying a brand new one.  Engaging in research on whether to repair or replace will definitely help save that extra coin. By checking a technician’s ratings beforehand, a clear indication of their cost charge and whether they charge per hour or per task is evident. In determining the average cost of appliance repair, the following pointers are considered:

  • Size of repair
  • Time span needed to repair
  • Service charge
  1. Communication skills

Professional technicians have good communication skills and are timely in addressing concerns regarding the service they are offering. They are also obliged to explain to the process of repair, if requested, and offer further information on the latest technology which the consumer can embrace or consider. Excellent customer service is a plus and a warm reception goes a long way.

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Appliance Repair - refrigerator repair

Preparation for repair

After identifying the technician, consider the following tips to consider on the day of the service visit:

  1. Money

Prepare for any unforeseen costs with money set aside in cash or credit card for any eventuality. For instance, additional spare parts may be required in case the problem transcends previous diagnostics.

  1. Payment plan

Most professionals communicate firsthand on the method of payment they prefer. However, keep at least two options for payment open to provide options to the technician.

  1. Service charge

Find out whether the service charge, if any, is paid upfront before or after completion of the service, and whether the full amount is needed on the day of the repair.

  1. Questions

Don’t be shy to speak up and ask the technician relevant questions regarding your appliance.

Maintenance tips

After repair, care is crucial in ensuring proper management of the appliance, and to avoid repeat jobs which may come with added expense. Some updated maintenance tips include:

  • Getting rid of bad habits, for instance, accumulation of grime, dust
  • Handling appliances delicately and carefully
  • Checking out warning sounds from the appliance which might help diagnose underlying problems sooner
  • Ensuring the source of power is reliable to prevent short circuits
  • Avoiding spillages and cleaning up immediately after such accidents

Repairing appliances shouldn’t be extremely expensive but seek to save the consumer on the cost of buying a whole new gadget. With proper care and management of the day to day household appliances, small problems can be avoided.

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