5 DIY Garden Shed Designs

A garden shed serves as an excellent space for storing your tools and equipment, but it can also serve as an attractive addition to your property. A well-designed garden shed will not only give you extra storage space but can also add curb appeal to your yard and improve the overall look of your home’s exterior design.

5 DIY Garden Shed Designs

Here are some DIY garden shed designs that you can use as inspiration when creating your own storage space or structure.

Small garden shed designs

If you’re short on space or just want to save money, a small garden shed design might be right for you. Small garden sheds are perfect for storing your most-used gardening tools, equipment, and supplies. By opting for one of these compact sheds, you won’t need to spend time building storage shelves or cupboards into your shed – simply throw everything in!

Two-Story Garden Sheds

If you have a lot of equipment to store, it might be time to consider a two-story shed. Two-story garden sheds are perfect for large storage requirements and can be built from prefabricated timber or from an old wooden building that’s been abandoned. These types of sheds also look good in gardens and can be built to fit around any existing features such as trees or water tanks.

First-Floor Garden Sheds

In regions with freezing temperatures, it’s crucial to build a garden shed on a concrete slab. It may seem like a waste of space, but it’s worth going through all that trouble to save your garden shed from a miserable death by frostbite. If you live in a warmer region or want extra space in your garden shed, you can opt for building a first-floor garden shed. This will give you an additional storage area and add practicality to your outdoor living environment.

5 DIY Garden Shed Designs - garden shed

Modern Garden Sheds

Just as modern homes and decor take cues from our favorite furniture and accessories, so do garden sheds. Sleek and well-designed, these mini-homes include not only ample space for storage but also several built-in design elements that will help you turn your shed into a practical work of art.

Other Options Available

Several do-it-yourself shed kits are available for purchase, including many that allow you to build a shed from a foundation to a finished product. However, these can be pretty expensive and may not give you as much freedom as building your own from scratch. Plus, knowing how to design and build your garden shed from scratch ensures that it’s exactly what you need.

If you have experience with carpentry or know someone who does, there are plenty of online tutorials showing how to construct garden sheds – or custom outbuildings of any type! You can also consider renting tools and using scrap wood to assemble your structure. You will still end up saving money over buying something premade and will gain valuable knowledge and skills in addition!


At times, you may feel like design is overwhelming; however, remember that there are simple things you can do to make your shed a better place to work. Your garden shed should be well-lit and comfortable when working in it. It’s also important that adequate storage space keeps all of your tools neat and organized.

Ultimately, if you design your garden shed adequately, not only will it function well, but it will have a professional appearance that projects your personality. It will also boost your home’s value when the time to sell comes. Omaha leading realtor, Favor Home Solutions, will be of great help for those who want to sell a house fast.

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