What is a disadvantage of using  shotcrete?

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There are various options to choose a concrete application; most people prefer shotcrete. Shotcrete helps to pour concrete into areas that are usually difficult to reach. Although it is an easy method to pour concrete, it also has some disadvantages.

What is a disadvantage of using shotcrete

To let you know about shotcrete and its disadvantages, read the following article.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is the procedure of spraying concrete onto the surface pneumatically projected at high velocity. The particles are compacted into the receiving surface during the application process. It creates a uniform and strong layer. Shotcrete was first invented in 1914 by the engineer Heidar Rizouki.

You can either use wet-mix or dry-mix for shotcrete application. The dry-mix uses dry ingredients that continuously mix with water in the hose as you spray it. You will have to mix the ingredients for the wet-mix process before placing it in the hose. You can apply both processes vertically for overhead with a remote control or hand.

What Are the Disadvantages of Shotcrete?

The significant disadvantage of shotcrete over poured concrete is the huge time that it will consume when you use it for large foundations, structural piers, and other structures with large cross-sections, compared to using conventional types for the large structures. Below are the other disadvantages of shotcrete.


The dust of dry-mix will be a much bigger factor in considering the type of application method you choose. More exposure to dust increases health risks like lung-related diseases from inhalation of silica, dermatitis, burns on the skin, and eye problems like burning, redness, or blindness. Ensure that you wear the proper protective gear when working with dry-mix to reduce dust-related risks.


When employing shotcrete, a quick application is essential to ensure effective results. If you don’t use the mixture fast enough, it could start to dry beforehand. If you take a long time to use shotcrete, it will create a substance too hard to spray. It will lead to increased costs for extra mixture, time spent on a project, and reparations for any damage in the worst-case scenario.

What is a disadvantage of using shotcrete - shotcrete


Only experts should apply shotcrete. If done improperly, shotcrete can create a situation worse than other methods; a spray is more likely to get into unwanted areas. It could also increase the risk for potential damage and the cost of cleanup. Learn about the proper methods and possible risks of shotcrete before utilizing this method for the first time. It is better that you should consider having an experienced supervisor nearby.

Where Should You Use Shotcrete?

For building repairs, most people use shotcrete for repairing the damage caused by fire, earthquake, and deterioration, strengthening walls and encasing structural steel for fireproofing. The repair of structural members such as connections, columns, and beams is common for structures damaged by an earthquake.


Despite some of its disadvantages, shotcrete is the most handy way of pouring concrete to areas that are complicated for the traditional pouring system. You can avoid the disadvantages if you take the help of an expert. Connect to Pro Shotcrete Website for any expert help.

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