What is Shotcrete and When is It Used?

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Shotcrete is mortar or excellent concrete deposited by jetting it with high velocity onto the prepared surface. It can be either a dry or wet cement depending upon the manufacturing process. You can choose the right shotcrete mix to meet your project requirements. You can put the mixture in place by spraying the structure into the desired location, whether vertical or horizontal.

What is Shotcrete and When is It Used

It is only feasible because of the high speed of spraying and the rate at which the material solidifies and dries.

Dry Mix Process

You have to mix cement and wet aggregates at required proportion before supplying it to the shotcreting device. You must then place the mixture on the device hopper. Carry the material through compressed air from hopper to nozzle with the help of the delivery hose. Once the material reaches the nozzle, introduce water under pressure and mix with other ingredients. If the water content is higher,  concrete tends to slump when jetted onto the vertical surface. Hence, the quantity of water should be adjusted so that the wastage of material is the least. The water-cement ratio should be in the range of 0.33 and 0.5.

Wet Mix Process

In this process, you have to mix all materials such as cement, sand, small-sized coarse aggregate and water before letting the mixture  into the chamber of delivery equipment. The mixed concrete is later entered into a nozzle and additional air is injected at the nozzle to increase the velocity and improve the running pattern. Using  the dry mix process is common in the case of lightweight concrete use.  Lower the water-cement ratio utilized, higher is the strength.  Also, it causes less creep and drying shrinkage, and higher durability. Whereas in the wet process, You can achieve higher durability by using air-entering agents.

When to Use Shotcrete?

Shotcrete has wide application in underground walls, retaining walls, tunnels, and swimming pools for interim support. For slope protection with wire mesh and in some confined areas, you can spray it on any surface wherever prosaic concreting is not possible. Shotcrete has advantages over conventional concrete LIKE   fewer formwork requirements, needing a small portable plant for placement and easy manufacturing. . Shotcrete has the ability to form a  remarkable bonding with multiple materials, and this may be an essential consideration when it comes to construction work.

What is Shotcrete and When is It Used - shotcrete

The difference between shotcrete and concrete occurs during its placement. You apply concrete by employing a mixing truck, preparing the mixture, and pouring it onto the ground. Conversely, you spray the concrete with the help of a cement gun. The fresh concrete in the sprayer is shotcrete. The gun applies the mixture at a high rate, which provides the end product with high sturdiness, low permeability, and high strength.


The shotcrete method needs less formwork and is cheap and economical. It forms a good chemical bonding among various materials. The article covers all the details of Shotcrete and when it can be used. For more information, you can also contact us at http://www.shotcretemelbourne.com/ .

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