Decorating Tips for a Stylish Kid-Friendly Home

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Just because you have little feet pitter-pattering through your home doesn’t mean it can’t be stunning and stylish. Having kids doesn’t mean a depressing end to your amazing decor. It just means that you may have to get a little creative in finding the balance between stylish and kid-friendly. But fortunately, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. With thoughtful design, each room in your house can be injected with your individual style. You can both keep your kids and your belongings safe while creating beautiful spaces. You can even create some stunning spaces tailored towards your kids’ likes and needs. And it can all be done at nearly any budget. 

Decorating Tips for a Stylish Kid-Friendly Home

These tips can help you create a home you love with the functionality that you need as a family. Room by room, you can style your spaces in a kid-friendly way that is also stylish. The result will be a family home that doesn’t lack any of the desired aesthetic appeal and has all of the makings of an impressive space. 

The Living Room

Whether you call it a family room, a living room, or a great room, this is the spot where you relax as a family and gather to host guests. It’s home to movie nights and board game marathons. It’s also one of the most challenging rooms to style in a kid-friendly home. 

Add an Electric Fireplace

Few things are as welcoming or cozy as a crackling fire. However, wood-burning fireplaces can prove dangerous with tiny hands around. They can also be super messy and extremely high maintenance. With electric fireplace heater, you can create the same ambiance without the risk of burns. This stylish choice is also super diverse. You can go for a classic option that mimics the look and feel of a traditional fireplace. Or, opt for a modern, wall-mounted fireplace for a sleek look. Whatever you choose, you can add a mantle to take your fireplace to the next level. 

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Look for Washable Rugs

An area rug can be one of the most important design elements in your space. It can ground the room and create a foundation for the entire color scheme. But that expensive Oriental rug is no match for your toddler’s juice-filled sippy cup. Instead, opt for washable area rugs that you can simply throw in your washing machine. These are the perfect option to eliminate spills and stains. Plus, with regular washing, you can keep them looking new as they withstand heavy foot traffic. 

The Kitchen

The kitchen is likely the hub of your home. It’s where all of the hustle and bustle of preparing for the day happens. It’s also where you come together in the evening to discuss the day’s events over dinner. So with all of this activity, how can you create a space that’s both functional and stylish?

Durable Countertop Options

With kids, your countertops likely take a beating. Between dropped dishes and food spills, they have the potential to see some major action. Help them stand up to this wear and tear by choosing a material that’s both beautiful and durable. Granite is popular for its many choices, its unique look, and its extreme durability. Quartz is also great to resist scratches and can be ordered in nearly any color imaginable. And concrete countertops are an awesome option that is both durable and gives your kitchen a stylish industrial look. 

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A Foolproof Kitchen Table

With everyone gathering around the table for multiple meals a day, it’s sure to take a beating. However, that doesn’t mean that your furniture has to suffer from scratches and dings. There are tons of options on the market that can withstand a busy kid-filled kitchen. If you are really wanting a wood look, search for tables made from engineered wood. Many are just as stylish as the real thing but are more durable and budget-friendly. Marble or laminate tops are another option for a sleek and clean look that can also stand up to a ton of activity. 

The Bedrooms

The great thing about bedrooms is that they are adjustable for each family member’s taste and needs. You can style each one to everyone’s personal preferences. Plus, you can design little ones’ bedrooms to be more kid-friendly and adults for more mature tastes. 

Adjustable Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture can be a significant investment. While you may want to put a little extra in your budget to ensure you can purchase a quality piece, it’s frustrating if your kids grow out of their furniture too quickly. The solution here is high-quality, adjustable pieces that will look great and grow with your child. Adjustable cribs that convert to twin beds can take your little ones from infancy through early childhood. An adjustable height desk means that your young student can use it from kindergarten through middle school. And look for expandable storage systems like cubes and bins that hide clutter but can be enlarged as collections grow.

Durable Wall Solutions

Bedroom walls are one of the best ways to customize a space. It’s possible to create stunning statement walls that are ready to withstand busy and play-filled bedrooms. And by using wipeable paint designed for high traffic, you’ll be able to keep bedroom walls clean and pristine. Look for super stylish peel and stick wallpaper. The biggest pro of this decor tool is that you can easily switch it out to stay up to date on the latest trends or as you and your family’s tastes change. You can also purchase options that are made to be drawn on with chalk. This allows a stylish, built-in play space that’s instantly customizable.

Stylish Spaces for the Whole Family

Just because your family has younger members, doesn’t mean your home can’t be on-trend.

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You can create stylish spaces that the whole family can enjoy. And using some thoughtful techniques, these areas can stand up to day-to-day lives filled with play and activity. Your family home will be the perfect blend of kid-friendly style and family-oriented appeal.

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