5 Great Bedroom DIY Ideas and Projects

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Are you looking for ways to improve your bedroom? You can choose to do it yourself to save money and guarantee your own personal touch. Your room should be a place of comfort and rest.

5 Great Bedroom DIY Ideas and Projects

These five great bedroom DIY ideas can help you personalize your space.

Change the Mood with Lighting

Does your bedroom lighting reflect your personality? There are several simple changes you can make to transform the environment. Start with the shade on your ceiling light. Pick something out of the ordinary that makes you smile. Choose a different color or shape, or go for a chandelier. You can install sconce lighting behind the bed, perfect for reading before you go to sleep. Putting them on a dimmer will allow you to set the exact mood for each moment. Track lighting is another option that many homeowners find practical. The fixtures slide up and down the track, and they can rotate to the position you desire.

Rustic Nightstand and Mirror

Even if you’re not into carpentry, you can create your own nightstand. Wooden crates make for excellent bedside storage space. Stain them a dark color to bring a rustic feel. Then, stand the crates on their side, with the opening away from the wall. Stack two or three of them to obtain the ideal height. A plain mirror can become a rustic piece with minimal effort. You can build a frame for it using wide boards stained a dark color. If you have reclaimed wood to use, the effect may be even more striking.

Change of Style

If you’d like a change but don’t have much money to work with, you can purchase a few key pieces that make a big difference. For instance, you could create a tropical bedroom by choosing a canopy bed, bamboo window shades, and a broad-leafed plant. If you prefer to keep it simpler and more sophisticated, you might opt for accent pillows and some strategically-placed greenery.

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Lantern Candle Holder

For this project, you’ll need four picture frames of the same size. Paint the edges the color you desire, then fasten the glass into them using hot glue. You won’t need the back pieces. Glue the edges of the four frames together to form a square lantern shape. If you wish, you can decorate the top of the lantern by building a roof from pieces of a fifth frame. Place your favorite candles inside to light your bedroom with a soft glow.

Playful Pom Pom Pillow

Are your throw pillows looking plain? You can personalize them by gluing pompoms onto them. Small pompoms (about one-half inch in diameter) work best for this. They’re easy to find at any craft store and come in a wide range of colors. Use hot glue to stick them to the pillowcase in the shape you desire. Try your favorite designs, the names of family members, or inspiring words.

Summing it Up

Many DIY projects can help make your bedroom more beautiful. Changing aspects of your lighting can allow you to create the desired mood. If you enjoy rustic decor, you might consider making a nightstand and mirror frame from reclaimed lumber. Changing simple aspects like plants and window treatments can create a new style. Accent pieces like a picture frame lantern and pom pom pillows can show your personality. All these ideas contribute to making your bedroom the perfect space for you.

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