Decorate the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets: 7 Practical Ideas

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There are places in our home where we would never think that they need to be decorated, at least a little. One of those places is the free space above your kitchen cabinets. Pretty awkward, right? And what on earth can you do with it to make it better?

Decorate the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

The truth is that there are numerous options for decorating that empty space. The following article will give you some ideas and we hope you are going to like at least one of them.

There is always space for practical items

No matter how big our kitchen is there are situations where we simply don’t have enough space for some practical items. This is a perfect situation to put the space over our kitchen cabinets in use. You can display the extra kitchen necessities, a vintage scale, or cake stands, and you can add some decorative elements to make the items stand out visually. In case you decide to do that, it is recommended not to mix many colors but stick to one color palette.

Extra Storage Space

If you don’t have space to store some of your things, the space above the kitchen cabinets can do the job perfectly well. For example, you can place baskets on the cabinets to store small objects and kitchen supplies. Not only you will save some space, but you will make the entire kitchen more decorative. You can use baskets of the same color and size and add some vertical dividers. Doing this will make your kitchen look neat and well organized.

Hang something on the wall above

If the kitchen cabinets are not too high and there is plenty of empty space above them you can use the wall to hang some items there. Any type of wall art will do the job – family pictures, vintage cooking tools, mirrors, and so on will give it a nice touch. If you don’t have any of these, the flea market is the right address to go to find some interesting things for this empty space.

Buy Some Artificial Plants

When someone mentions artificial plants, in most cases we imagine those old bulky flowers and vines that had no chance to look like the real ones. However, today the situation is completely different. Artificial and ultra-realistic looking plants can be easily found and most importantly they are affordable. Placing some of these plants on top of your cabinets can give your kitchen a completely new, fresh look.

Decorate the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets - plants

You can create your indoor garden

If you are a little interested in gardening and you are not too lazy to climb up to water the plants from time to time it is good to create your indoor garden on top of your kitchen cabinets. When you need to choose the right pants for this garden it is recommended to select those that don’t need too much sunlight. These plants will make your kitchen feel more natural and vibrant. For a cleaner look make sure to use pots of the same color. A nice addition to this garden is an under-the-cabinet radio CD player. They are easy to install and they don’t take much space and you can enjoy your time in the kitchen while listening to your favorite music. If you are interested you can go through this list to find the one that suits you best.

Do you want to have your art gallery?

If you want to bring some art into your home a gallery wall is a nice idea. Frames of different sizes and materials can be pretty interesting and beautiful, and if you paint them all in one color you will get a uniform look in your kitchen. Your gallery wall can have black and white photos or oil paintings or pencil drawings and they can all give a nice touch to the kitchen.

A Perfect Place for Your Collection

Some of us enjoy collecting specific items but the truth is only a few have a dedicated place for their collection. In most cases, our collection is in a box placed in a cabinet or our basement. If you don’t have a place for your collection the space above the kitchen cabinets will be ideal for it. The only thing we have to keep in mind if we choose that place for our collection is not to keep too small objects there. They will get unnoticed in most cases.

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