Top Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen This Easter

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With spring already upon us, we can all see the Easter bunny popping his head around the corner. And like every holiday season, decorations are also a given. The red and greens we see on Christmas are long gone and have now been replaced by neutral yet refreshing colors. It’s all these small accents that will bring your kitchen back to life – feeling fresh and festive.

Top Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen This Easter

As such, if you want the Easter bunny not to miss your home this season, here are a few ways found on to decorate your kitchen.

Tulip Wreaths on Cabinet Doors

There’s no better way to freshen up a kitchen and making it more welcoming than to hang a few small tulip wreaths on every other cabinet door. Faux wreaths are also a good option if you wish for them to remain in good shape – but make sure that you go for quality pieces. Pastel colors are quite popular when it comes to these wreaths.

Metallic Planters

Here is a DIY project for you. Take some eggs that you emptied from just one end, only breaking from the tip of the eggshell – and then paint the eggs a metallic gold by using spray paint. Plant some snowdrop seeds in there, and by the time Easter turns around, those seeds will have turned in actual flowers. They’re the first sign of spring, so naturally, placing them on your window sill or your kitchen table will surely liven up the kitchen.

Decorated Tables

Most of us have a table in the kitchen that generally remains bare. However, with Easter coming around the corner, you might want to decorate the kitchen table as well. After all, it is the first thing that you see when you step inside the kitchen – so, you need to make sure that it looks the part. A couple of tall golden candles, some painted eggs, and some pastel-colored flowers will surely do the trick. However, make sure that you keep it as simple as possible. After all, you will also have to cook on that table.

Top Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen This Easter - table

Painted Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are outdated or simply not looking their best, a great way to decorate them would be to give them a fresh layer of paint. Pastel colors (such as a pastel blue) are the most popular choices for spring – but then again – it also depends on your kitchen theme. You may change the tint, or you may simply apply the color that they used to have.

Jar Eggs and Feathers

If you have some free space on the counter, take this decorative tip into account: get a big, clear jar, and inside it, place some black and white eggs (maybe even guinea fowl eggs), and then add some matching feathers in there. It will give your kitchen that holiday Easter vibe, all while maintaining that modern twist of the contemporary kitchen.

Eggshell Place Cards

If your dining table is in the kitchen, you might want to decorate it with some eggshell place cards. Make some nests out of yarn or straw and place some eggshells in which you planted some wheatgrass seeds. Once the wheatgrass grows, place a name card in the grass and put it in the assigned spot for your guest. Top it off with some miniature bunnies on the side, and you have the perfect decorations for your kitchen table.

Egg Paper Garland

If your kitchen cabinets or windows look boring, you might want to decorate them with some garland – but not any kind of garland. The kind that has egg-shaped papercrafts on it. All you need is some string and some scrapbook paper. This spring, grays and pale pinks are a good choice to go for. Attach them to the bottom of your cabinets in a streamer style, and you’ll be good to go.

The Bottom Line

Your kitchen does not have to be boring during this holiday season – you just need to be creative enough to make the right decorations. Eggs and tulips are the most popular for Easter – but in the end, you may choose anything that suits your sense of style the most.

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