5 Décor Ideas For Your Small Cabin

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A cabin serves as the perfect getaway for those who love being closer to nature and doing outdoor activities. It’s also a place to bond with family and friends while enjoying the time for rest and recreation. As such, it’s essential to decorate the cabin to boost its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and comfortability.

5 Décor Ideas For Your Small Cabin

While it can be challenging to find the best design options if you have limited space for décor, it’s still possible to incorporate design elements that would suit less-spacious rooms. Here are some décor ideas you can consider for a small cabin:

1. Create A Focal Point

Adding a focal point to your cabin may help make the room look more extensive if the surrounding space is clear and free from clutter. To maximize its effect, you can strategically place other eye-catching decorative items in other areas of the room so that they won’t clash with the focal point. You can consider using camping signage as a unique and exciting decorative piece for your cabin. It adds a modern twist to your space and contrasts the neutral colors of wooden walls.

Another focal point you can use is an accent wall. To soften the aesthetics of the wooden structure, you can use floral patterns or designs on the wall that would serve as a focal point. For the same effect, you can also have a nature-themed mural. These design elements won’t take up floor space and would still liven up the room by contrast.

2. Use Contrasting Textures And Patterns

Since cabins are predominantly wood, it becomes the main texture of a cabin’s interior. To create a contrast with hard and structured surfaces, you can opt for softer textures in rugs, seating furniture, pillows, and curtains. You can use light, flowy fabric in muted colors if your interior is dark wood to maintain a cozy feel while adding variety to the visual elements.

Recently, the boho-inspired theme has gained popularity in home design. This theme mixes random, contrasting patterns in interior décor. The bohemian theme is ideal for small cabins as the visual interest it creates could make the room’s dimensions less noticeable. It can also add character and a unique appeal to the space.

3. Open Up The Floor Space

Allowing more space for movement can instantly make the room look and feel spacious. To do this, you can consider taking a minimalist approach to décor and furnishings. Using smaller décor items can free up the floor and visual space. On the other hand, trimming down furnishings to the basics can make the room appear more significant than its actual dimensions. However, if you’re worried about the room looking empty, you can opt for bright and bold colored décor to liven up the space while leaving enough room for movement.

5 Décor Ideas For Your Small Cabin - living room

4. Maximize Lighting

Having sufficient lighting can help open up the space to make it look and feel more extensive than its actual size. It would be wise to invest in lighting design strategically places light fixtures to achieve the desired effect. You can also do it on your own by following these steps:

  • Have more than one source of light in a room.
  • Add wall lights to brighten up dark corners.
  • Use hanging lights
  • Add tall and slim lampshades to highlight the vertical space.

You can also take advantage of natural light to enhance your interior design. Natural light energizes a living space and emphasizes design elements. Thus, many designers incorporate various features to allow more natural light into the room.

5. Add Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors can make a small room look bigger. However, adding a glass wall or a large mirror can be pricey. To achieve a similar effect, you can put up smaller mirrors together in one corner to reflect light in multiple directions. They could instantly brighten up the room and draw the observer’s eyes upwards, creating the illusion of a bigger space. You can also consider adding other reflective spaces such as glass tables, vases, and mirrored cabinet doors. The transparency of these items can open up the area, and they also reflect the light in the interior, which adds to its brightness.


Your cabin will serve as your home away from home while you spend precious moments relaxing and recharging. As such, its interior design should be able to help you enjoy your stay. You and your loved ones should be able to move and rest just as you would in your own home, and this is why your cabin should be cozy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Having a small living space doesn’t have to get in the way of your enjoyment and comfort as you stay in your cabin. As long as you’re able to maximize its dimensions, you can decorate your place in a way that would suit your preferences and requirements.

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