Guide to Buying Linen Sheets

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According to dermatologists, bed sheets have a significant impact on your sleep behaviors. Different fabrics play a role in your sleep, and though you are unconscious most time in your sleep, its where you spend the most time. This is especially true if you are fond of watching Netflix in bed. Linen sheets are luxurious and have a huge following across the world.

Guide to Buying Linen Sheets

Additionally, they have a unique feel and require more maintenance than cotton, but they offer optimum comfort and enable you to show your best styles. A linen sheet is an airy, breezy fabric and is the most comfortable. Picturing them, you can notice them in a picturesque country home since they sound dreamy, nostalgic, and comfortable than other fabrics. So, what linen sheets should you buy in 2021?

What is Linen?

Linen is manufactured from flax plant natural fiber mainly obtained in Europe. The highest quality linen is sourced from Belgium. The flax plant has unique properties, and this is what makes linen different from other types of fabrics. According to Vicki Fulop, CCO of Brooklinen, linen’s main selling point is the high temperature-regulation feature. This is because it absorbs moisture highly compared to cotton. Its weaves also enable greater airflow within it to give you a cooler sleep. Therefore, it’s more breathable and is cooler compared to cotton fabrics and others. Cotton is the main competitor to linen when it comes to fabrics.

Benefits of Linen

According to Christina Smatas, the co-founder of Park& Oak Illinois company that deals with interior design, one of the significant benefits of linen is its cool nature making it ideal for use in hot environments. On contact with the skin, its nodes absorb perspiration, swell and release moisture to the air, which induces self-cooling. Also, though they are best for summer and other hot climates, they can naturally work other climates as they can easily adjust to any temperature. Linen sheets are also free, hypoallergenic, and easy to wash, making them ideal for many users. They can also aid in limiting bacterial growth.

When to Use Linen Sheets

Many people prefer using linen in hot weather, and of course, linen can improve your sleep quality in rooms with less airflow. However, though linen is highly associated with summer, you don’t have to drop them in other seasons. They are comfortable throughout the year. Also, unlike cotton, the line doesn’t retain moisture like cotton, which helps it keep warm, especially during winter.


Though linen is high quality, expect to spend more bucks compared to cotton or polyester bedding products. For instance, a queen size linen set will cost you at least $250. But since they are durable and feature high performance, they are a good investment, especially if you are a heavy sleeper and want a crispy feeling in your bed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Linen Sheets

When buying linen sheets, there are important considerations you need to make. Note that a high price is not equivalent to high quality as you can get good linen at a lower price and low-quality linen at a high price. Some luxurious brands usually misguide some expensive linen sets that may feature the best comfort, durability, and breathability, just overpriced, and you won’t get value for your money. But the best and expensive linen sets have the best comfort, breathability, and are highly durable, which makes them the best investment when you intend to use the material for a long time.

Guide to Buying Linen Sheets - linen bedding

So, what should you consider when buying linen sheets?

Feel – Linen usually has a smooth and crispy feeling when new, but it will soften more due to countless laundry cycles over time. Some linen sheets may also feel softer depending on their manufacturing technique, i.e., stone-washing. Pure linen is very soft but linen blended with other fabrics is too soft compared to pure ones.

Weight – Note that the weight of linen is measured in grams/square meter (GSM). Linen sheets have an average GSM of 170-190. A heavier set gives you more insulation, especially during winter and other colder months. But they are very hot, even during summer. On the other hand, a lower GSM linen is ideal for warm weather but unsuitable for colder months.

Fit – When buying a line sheet, always consider its stretching limit and whether it will fit your mattress. This will enable you to know whether it will accommodate your mattress dimensions. Also, due to frequent washing, it may increase in its size.

Price – Linens are quite expensive than other fabrics, and a high-quality set can cost $200 or more. A queen set will cost you $300-$600, but you can get cheaper models though they may be less durable and comfortable. Pure linen is quite expensive compared to blended ones.

Design and Pattern – This is where personal preferences set in as you may like certain colors or patterns in a linen sheet. Most people prefer neutral tones, while others love the whites as it suits their bedroom décor. But you can also opt for dull or vibrant colors based on your preferences.

Durability – Linen is one of the most durable linen, especially the type from hand-harvested fibers. But frequent washing leads to its quality deterioration. Choose linen with higher GSM as they are likely to be more durable.

Caring for Linen Sheets

Linen-like other fabrics will soften with subsequent washing. Therefore, you should monitor them by washing them weekly with cold water, low heat, and mild detergents. Also, store them in a cool environment and avoid silicone fabric softeners as it can coat linen and make it harder for them to absorb moisture well. Also, steam your linen sheets with iron and store them in a dry and well-ventilated place. Plastic boxes can make them have permanent yellow marks, and you should therefore avoid them,


Linen sheets are very handy when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Due to their fantastic feel, luxurious touch, and elegant looks, they favor anyone who enjoys leaving their bedding looking excellent.

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