4 Tips for Dealing with a Rodent in Your House

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Rodents try to make their way into houses all year long. They bring in diseases, filth, and dirt along with them. They can chew through boxes, walls, and many other things. They can even tear apart cables, which can lead to house fires. If you see a rat or its droppings anywhere in your house, then you’re faced with a horrible task of catching the pesky little rodents and throwing them out. But not everyone can do it, which is very reasonable. You can contact powerpestcontrol and get them down to your house immediately to handle the situation professionally.
4 Tips for Dealing with a Rodent in Your House

On the other hand, you can read these tips below and try to take care of the situation yourself.

Find Out How It Entered

If you see a mouse or its dropping anywhere in your house, then the first thing you need to do is look for the entry points. It is beneficial because it will help you avoid mice infestations in the future.This won’t be an easy task because mice can enter from the tiniest of places. If you don’t know where it could’ve come from, then check any place where a pencil could fit. Because that is how narrow of an area any mouse can fit through.

Purchase Up Traps

Buying mouse traps is a very tricky business. The classic wooden trap that you may have seen in cartoons or movies can work. You could also get a cage-like contraption to trap the rodent, or put some glue and stick the mouse to a something that can be thrown out. But you need to keep in mind that you’ll have to buy at least a couple dozen to catch the mouse. That is if it’s just one mouse. You never know how many illegal immigrants you may have in your home.
4 Tips for Dealing with a Rodent in Your House - power cord

Choose the Most Suitable Bait

Once you have your traps, it’s time to get the bait. If the rodent has been feasting on something in your home, then you could use the same food as bait. Alternatively, you could try chocolates, peanut butter, dried fruit, hazelnut spread, and even bacon. Many people make one very common mistake, which is simply placing the food on the trap. If you are no stranger to Tom and Jerry, then you might know that the rat can run away with the bait without getting caught in the trap. That is why you should keep it tied to a fish line or dental floss. You could even glue it down. Replace the food within two days if the rodent hasn’t fallen for the trap. If you can’t seem to catch it within a couple of days, then you can try to get a professional to take a look.

Keep Your House Clean

Rodents don’t need much food, just three to four grams per day. That means that they can survive on crumbs alone. You need to properly clean all areas of your house, or consider hiring a professional to tidy up the place thoroughly. If the mouse can’t get something to eat in the corners and gutters, then it will come out and fall for your traps.

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