Practical ways to get rid of pest infestation fast

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Nobody likes to share the house with pest invaders. It’s no wonder that people are disgusted and afraid of insects, rodents and raccoons, since they can cause a lot of damage and even bring some diseases.
Practical ways to get rid of pest infestations fast

These creatures are drawn by several hygiene and cleanliness flaws like a dirty kitchen, a trash can full of meat leftovers, an untidy yard and many more. Knowing this, you should put every effort into preventing their visit by keeping your house, annexes and yard as clean as possible.

Despite your efforts, mice, cockroaches, ants, termites, spiders and racoons might approach your place to live and stay there, especially during summer when you can see them all over the place. The most efficient method to get rid of them is by calling a pest management specialist.

Nowadays, you can find these businesses everywhere, including online and most of them do a really good job. Let’s take one example, just to make an idea. Just by typing Pest Control in your Internet browser, you’ll find a lot of exterminators in your area.

Pros will help you recover your peace of mind and guarantee that your house remains pest-free for a long time. However, there are a lot of do-it-yourself ways to chase invaders away and you can use natural ingredients for that.

Practical ways to get rid of pest infestations fast - pest repellent

Simple ways to eradicate insects

  • Ants can be kept away with a mixture of sugar and borax. The sweetness draws them and the borax poisons them. Other insects that are eradicated by borax are cockroaches. If you have any, sprinkle borax powder in the bathroom cabinets and the kitchen, but avoid places where children and pets can reach it;
  • Wasps, hornets or bees can be killed with hair spray;
  • You can get rid of fleas by vacuuming rugs before spraying and throwing the dust bag out immediately;
  • If you notice some carpenter ants it means that there might be some water leaks in your pipes, roof and windowsills, so check those places;
  • The water from the birdbath should be changed every 3 days unless you want to grow a mosquito population in your yard;
  • If you are living in a multiunit building, the entire place should be treated for eliminating bugs completely. In this case, any control measure taken individually could be ineffective, since insects can migrate from one apartment to another.

Home-made cures for racoons and rodent problems

  • You can build a mousetrap with raw bacon or peanut butter;
  • If a raccoon gets into your attic or chimney, you could use some chemical repellents to chase it away (for example, oil of mustard), but the smell could bother you as well. A better option would be to let it leave and cover the entrance hole with wire mesh, so that it wouldn’t be able to come back;
  • In order to keep the rodents out, you have to seal every opening or crack they could squeeze through. You should put poison in every hole and stuff it with scouring pads or steel wool.

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