4 Deadly Injuries Caused by Repairs in the Home

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Repairing your home on your own might seem ideal since there will be no costs of labor and you can choose when to get the job done rather than sticking to someone else’s schedule. Nevertheless, home repairs do not come without risks, with many injuries being connected to DIY projects due to a lack of consideration for safety.

4 Deadly Injuries Caused by Repairs in the Home

These are the 4 most common injuries caused by home repairs that can have deadly consequences.

Table Saw Injuries

This piece of machinery is not for the faint-hearted, with 31,400 people being treated each year for table saw injuries. The most common of the table saw injuries are a result of kickback, where wood is propelled back towards the operator at a high speed, causing injury to the abdomen, head, or chest. To prevent injuries like these, you can use the appropriate guide rather than the fence to cut wood, or take a step back and use a push stick to guide the wood through. Secondly, there is a threat of blade injury which can be even deadlier, so be sure to never remove the guard – it is there for a serious reason. If you do fall victim to any construction injuries like these, be sure to contact a specialist attorney.

Falling from a Ladder

One of the most common repair project injuries involves falling from a ladder, often resulting in death and 164,000 cases treated in emergency rooms annually across the U.S. Most are due to a fall off a ladder at around 10 feet causing broken limbs, a broken neck, and bleeding to the brain that can lead to a trip to ER or worse. These accidents are highly avoidable since the injuries are acquired because of human error. To prevent falling from a ladder, avoid extending the ladder, avoid using them in any way other than intended by the manufacturer, and always have three points of contact with the ladder to maintain stability.

4 Deadly Injuries Caused by Repairs in the Home - falling

Falling Objects

Along with the threat of ladders when pruning a tree or cleaning out the gutters, there is also the risk of objects landing on you and causing injury or death. Tree branches that are particularly large in size can crack unexpectedly after the tree has been disturbed through pruning and fall while someone is standing beneath. Furthermore, repairs made to the roof, chimney, or gutter can pose the risk of objects such as bricks, metal, or shingles and shakes hitting you. To prevent such injuries, have a spotter look out for any loose objects while you are working and try not to stand directly beneath areas that may drop.


Sometimes, open flames or large machinery needs to be used in repairing your home; however, using them can result in serious burns, with around half-a-million people seeking medical attention every year. These can be avoided through proper use of equipment, such as gloves, mask and aprons, along with always keeping a large bucket of water by your side to offer a quick relief if you do get burned or something sets on fire. Injuries in the home are a serious threat, so prevent them from occurring by following safe guidelines marked on machinery and always having someone nearby to look out for you if the job involves putting yourself at risk.

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