Custom Home Building With Smart Home Trends

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The custom home building industry is constantly evolving with the latest trends in technology and this past year is no exception. As a result, custom home builders began using these new technologies to make their customers’ custom homebuilding process easier.

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These technologies also change the home dynamic and how homeowners interact with their homes. We’ll look at some of these new technologies and how they continue changing the custom homebuilding landscape.

New Homes Aren’t Like They Used To Be

One of the most notable changes in custom homes is that they are now built with innovative home technology. This means custom home builders are incorporating features into homes that allow homeowners to control various aspects of their homes using their smartphones or other devices.

Some of these features include:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart security systems
  • Smart lighting

Custom home builders also use new construction methods that allow for more customizability and straightforward construction. For example, some custom home builders use modular construction, a prefabricated construction. This method involves building homes in sections in a factory setting and then assembling those sections on-site.

Modular construction is becoming increasingly popular because it allows custom homes to be built faster and with less waste. It also allows homeowners to have more input in the design of their homes since they can choose from various pre-made modules. Other custom home builders use new methods like 3D printing, which is steadily gaining steam.

Some custom home builders are now using giant industrial-sized printers to print the walls of homes. This construction method still isn’t widespread but has the potential to revolutionize the custom home building industry. In addition to a 20% savings on construction costs, 3D printing can be lifesaving in times of disaster, as contractors can print homes quickly to provide shelter for those who have lost their homes.

These are just a few examples of new construction methods. Intelligent home technology is changing the custom homebuilding landscape and making it easier for homeowners to get the custom homes of their dreams. In addition to new construction methods, intelligent home devices are paving the way for future custom homes.

What’s Trending in Smart Home Technology?

Today’s smart home technologies are no longer reserved for the most high-end houses or saved for later upgrades—people are buying houses today with an eye on the current innovative home technology already provided. As a result, these are some of the most important smart home technology trends.

Home Integration

One of the most critical innovative home technology trends is home integration. Home integration involves incorporating all of the different smart devices in a home so they can communicate with each other and be controlled from a single platform. At the same time, as quality has improved and expectations have risen, ease of use and connection has increased.

Smart home devices are becoming compatible with each other. For example, you can get multiple Google Home speakers for each room in your house that can function together as a group. When you’re low on milk, your smart refrigerator may add it to the list stored on your Amazon Alexa device. When it comes to expanding an intelligent home system, proximity is essential. Smart devices are even becoming simpler; you don’t need much technical knowledge to set them up.

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Artificial Intelligence And Internet of Things Devices

When home AI gadgets come to mind, many people think about voice-activated assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Artificial intelligence is getting smarter every day, understanding commands better and responding in more relevant ways. AI in smart homes helps residents manage their music, to-do lists, lights, and more. Before long, a smart home may take care of cleaning tasks and maintaining the home’s temperature without being asked.

IoT devices are also becoming more prevalent, with many new gadgets coming to the market daily. In addition, these devices are becoming more affordable and easier to use, helping people connect more devices to their homes. One example of an IoT device is a smart thermostat, which can be controlled remotely and learn your temperature preferences over time.

As home AI and IoT devices become more common, homeowners will expect their custom homes to be equipped with the latest and greatest in smart home technology, so builders who can provide this will be at an advantage.

Home Office

With the Great Resignation and the pandemic shutting down offices worldwide, more and more people are working from home; this has led to an increase in the number of custom homes built with home offices. As a result, home offices are becoming a must-have for many custom homebuyers, and builders who can provide this will be in high demand.

Glass walls and double glazing are a few innovative features that can reduce noise without sacrificing comfort or privacy while enhancing ventilation. From noise-canceling windows to AI filters hidden in the dirty living area during a video conference with your employer, this technology is only at its beginning.

Fiber Optic or High-Speed Internet

A stable, high-speed internet connection is crucial for any smart home – this is where mesh Wi-Fi comes in. Mesh Wi-Fi links your main router and the modem, eliminating dead zones and slow speeds. So no matter which part of your house you’re in or what devices you’re using, you’ll always have a fast connection.

Incorporating Health Tech

As we become more health-conscious, custom home builders will need to find ways to incorporate health tech into the homes they build. This could include anything from air quality monitors to UV sanitizing systems; also, with pandemic influences in mind, even smart doorbells are incorporating temperature-taking technology to scan guests for fevers. Health tech is becoming increasingly popular, and custom home builders who can provide this will be in high demand.

Custom Home Building Is Always Evolving

The custom home building industry is constantly evolving, and builders who can stay ahead of the curve will be successful. By incorporating the latest and greatest in smart home technology, custom home builders will be able to provide their clients with the homes of their dreams. If you’re in the market for custom home builders in Orange County, CA, check out True Home Builders.

We’re always up-to-date on the latest trends in custom home building, and we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. From planning, designing, and building your custom home to outfitting it with the latest in innovative home technology, we’ll be there every step. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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