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Modular buildings can be used to accommodate any kind of business. They’re inexpensive, safe and allow you to make changes to your property that would cost a fortune with traditional methods. Portable Building Sales have helped to fulfil a range of different building requirements in Hull and East Yorkshire over the years. Let us take care of your modular construction needs, whether you need installation or just a bit of refurbishment. Give us a call, and we’ll get your project completed on time.

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It means if you need anything, all you have to do is contact the helpful team at Portable Building Sales. Customers have been asking us a lot of questions about modular buildings, and here are the top 3 reasons why they’re so great:

Unique designs 

Many people have the idea that modular buildings are very limited in their practical application, which couldn’t be further from the truth. We have a wide range of high-quality used modular buildings and offer many different services, such as classroom construction, modular building design and cycle hub construction. Our most popular service is modular building design and construction. This allows you to choose exactly what features the unit will include. The key features of any industrial building are the size, layout, functionality and aesthetic. And you need to remember about the build’s wiring too.

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Cost Effective 

Modular buildings are a cost-effective solution that can meet both your structural and aesthetic needs. One of the aspects that sets Portable Building Sales apart from our competitors is that we adhere to affordability. This means you don’t have to worry about the associated costs of construction like weather delays or other trades holding it up. Much like the removal of any middleman, you can cut out these extra costs and take a straight path to the best deals.


Our Modular Buildings are designed, built and installed with durability and resilience in mind. From the design phase through installation, our goal remains reliability – which we hope to deliver at a better price point than our competitors. This means you don’t have to worry about them becoming a safety risk or unfit for purpose if you use them for any kind of application you wish. We’re responsible for making sure all of our buildings are up to regulation, which includes Part L2a and Part M. If you need a building that complies with HBN/HTM requirements, too, then we’re the people to talk to!

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