7 Reasons to Choose a Custom Door vs Traditional

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If you want to decorate the interior of your home and choose between custom front doors and the traditional version, then this material is for you.

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Read about all the advantages of custom front doors that will help you make the right purchase decision.

1. Perfect for your doorway

Not all door openings have the same standard dimensions. So if you want the door to fit perfectly to your house, then custom front doors are the perfect solution. Such products are ordered when the door is smaller or bigger than the standard or has a non-standard form.

2. High quality

In general, traditional doors are produced fairly quickly using the same pattern. While the custom order is made from scratch from good materials and carefully selected fittings.

3. More choices available

You don’t have to be satisfied with standard design, fittings, color and other details. The individual design will better emphasize the uniqueness and originality of the entire dwelling.

4. Excellent Energy Efficiency

Since a custom-made door is designed to fit your door frame, it will fit much more tightly than the standard one. In addition, you can choose suitable materials that will provide even more efficient insulation. No more drafts, no more heat loss, so that homeowners can save on their electricity bills well!

choose a custom door - custom front door

5. Long life

As we have already mentioned, high quality materials are used for such orders. Therefore, such doors will last much longer than standard ones, which are made of cheap materials.

6. Increase of market value of whole house

Custom-made doors significantly increase the value of your property. By installing them, you can raise the asking price for your house when it’s time to put the house up for sale!

7. Everything for your convenience

This project makes it possible to realize all the wishes of the client. In addition to the necessary fittings, design and colors, you can also specify the desired design features. For example, design a door with a more secure locking mechanism.

Don’t know who you can trust to do this kind of work? We recommend you pay attention to the Canadian company Vinyl Light. It has a lot of experience in implementing such projects, so you can be sure that you will get quality custom front doors that are made taking into account all your wishes.

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