Need More Space? A Quick Guide to Creating Extra Storage for Your Things

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So much stuff, such little space. What to do? This age-old conundrum has driven numerous innovative storage optimization solutions. Creating extra space is typically part of a larger process of getting your home organized. But the process of organizing the home or space is quite difficult because we often feel so connected to our stuff, yet at the same time frustrated by the difficulty in finding items when we need them.

A Quick Guide to Creating Extra Storage for Your Things

Ideally, you should first do a thorough decluttering to get rid of items you no longer use, then begin to organize what’s left in a fashion that will make it easy for you to find your items.

Take advantage of storage boxes and storage units

Chances are you already own storage boxes. But are they helping you be more organized? If the answer is no, then it’s probably because you’ve made the boxes a dumping ground for stuff. To undo this is easy. Just empty your boxes, and group the items within and relocate them to appropriate boxes and label them. Be sure to get rid of items you no longer use. To stow away unused clothes in different seasons, take advantage of vacuum storage bags. These allow you to minimize the space your clothes take in storage by getting rid of the air, leaving you with flat bags of clothes you can neatly store in a closet or basement.

Once your items are tucked away in boxes, you can decide to store them in an external storage rental unit to free up some space at home. If you happen to live in or around Wirral, you can take advantage of the safety and spaciousness of storage units. With a 100% safety record of no theft cases in all 47 years of operations and spacious storage units, a storage Wirral is the ideal space to store your items. This can be especially helpful in storing seasonal items and clothes, old furniture, or machines you no longer use. Putting them in storage is also a fantastic way to gauge whether you still need the items. If a long while goes by without you needing to use the items in storage, you can put them up for a donation for others who need them.

Invest in storage optimizing hooks and hangers

If you have more clothes than there is space to store in the closet, it’s alright. There are hangers and hooks designed to make more room. Pant hangers are an example. They have space to horizontally hang up to five pairs of pants. Similarly, there are single hooks with multiple divisions to hang scarves, hats, coats, handbags, and so on. You can use these in the garage as well as loose items such as wires.

Drawer and closet organizers

Kitchen drawers have probably seen every imaginable item in the house. Thanks to drawer organizers, you can optimize the space in drawers and keep things in order. You can customize drawer organizers to fit any drawer in the house. In the garage, you can utilize them in garage storage drawers or countertops to keep clutter at bay. Closet organizers are also helpful in demarcating closet areas on countertops or long flat surfaces. Dividing longs spaces up are great for putting items of the same category in the same area while taking full advantage of unused space.

Getting organized and creating space for your stuff takes work. But, you have the help of space-saving gadgets that will optimize your existing space to create additional space. A bit of discipline and commitment and voila! All your stuff is stored and you know exactly how to retrieve an item when you need it.

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