How to create the perfect workspace

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Your working environment can massively impact your productivity as well as your wellbeing. So, it’s time to say goodbye to grey office cubicles and hello to bright and colourful workspaces. Business owners need to invest a little time and effort into curating a sufficient workspace as the office should encourage focus and workflow while also supporting a healthy work-life balance.

How to create the perfect workspace

Kicking off with dedicated funding through savings or even a unsecured business loan, you can renovate your office and inject a little life into it. Here are a few ways you can make the perfect workspace.

Add some plants

Plants can freshen up the space and give your office a little character. Grey desk chairs, white walls and flickering overhead lights can make employees feel unmotivated at work. On the other hand, plants can improve productivity by a staggering 15% and make people feel more engaged. Try to find plants of different colours, heights, and shapes to fill any blank office space.

An open-plan layout

Spacious workspaces and open plan living are huge interior trends now. Open plan layouts are often filled with natural light from big windows and skylights. Traditional fluorescent office lighting can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and tiredness. Turn off the artificial overhead lighting and open the blinds instead! With plenty of natural light every day, your team will start sleeping better and feeling happier.

Functional features

The perfect office needs to foster collaboration and creativity. Install a blackboard or whiteboard wall in your conference room to jot down notes and mind maps. You can brainstorm together as a team and formulate your thoughts into an action plan. Breakout spaces are becoming increasingly popular in modern offices. Open-plan spaces can get noisy with colleagues chatting, conference calls buffering and the sounds of typing. Install a few breakout spaces for lively discussion and some quiet rooms dedicated to quality laptop time. These rooms don’t need to be luxurious private offices – a private pod with a desk and chair will do the job. Silent zones are just as important as collaborative spaces.

How to create the perfect workspace - home office

In the breakout rooms, you could have colourful sofas, a coffee machine and whiteboards. Hang a few motivational quotes on the walls to add a little inspiration and decoration to the room. Make your interior design reflect the purpose of each space and use different colours to encourage a different atmosphere. For example, pop pink for energised spaces and a serene blue for focus areas.

Recreational extras

Offices aren’t just about work. You need to build relationships with your team and foster a healthy work-life balance. You could have a recreational room with a table tennis set, a gaming area and maybe a few lunchtime yoga classes. Encourage your team to step away from the desk and refresh with a quick break. Have fun with your office space and curate the perfect workspace for you and your time.

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