Country Kitchen Ideas And Designs

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Picture this scenario: You’re relaxing in your cozy country kitchen and admiring the warm glow of age-old cabinets enveloped in stone and a natural fireplace, while the smell of burning wood envelops the air as you consume warm tea. You lie back in your plaid chair and warm your feet close to the open flame while you listen to the stove preparing your next tasty meal. The firewood burning filles your home with that distinct crackle while the cooking stove emits a mouth-watering smell. What if this could be every day of your life? Living the rustic kitchen dream reminds you of what quiet life in the mountains and the countryside could be like. The best part: You don’t have to live in the mountains to do it.

Country Kitchen Ideas And Designs

We’ve prepared the best country kitchen ideas you can try out no matter where you live. The key to designing a countryside kitchen is to integrate a few basic elements; the most important of which is the age-old classic feel. To enhance the vibe you can integrate more wood, stone, and rustic hardware. This guide is proof that you can integrate a country kitchen in any classical kitchen design.

The kitchen sets the tone for the rest of the home because it’s where we spend the most time after the living room. We start our day in the kitchen and we use it to relax with family and guests. Everyone loves spending time in a country kitchen because they are brimming with charm and have a soulful homely feel to them. Does the country kitchen have to abide by certain coveted styles to look authentic? No, this concept can be changed according to any taste. It can be minimalist and vintage, or it can integrate modern styles with contemporary decor. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to take it. Let’s have a look at country kitchen designs you can’t go wrong with:

The Classic Country Kitchen

The classic country kitchen design is the first thing we imagine when we picture a country kitchen – i.e. the classical rustic kitchen decor. The main thing you need to integrate for the classic design is a porcelain sink – the larger, the better. The cabinets matter as much as the sink because they signal this is a rustic, country kitchen. Stick to age-old wood for the full effect. Most classic country kitchens have a white backsplash – this is also less expensive than tiles. Consider integrating planks of wood to certify the country look. Stick to hardwood for the floors and block countertops.

Dark Wood Country Kitchen

The dark wood kitchen is a design you could find if you rewind 150 years back to the first settlements on the Oregon Trail. The focus here is all on dark wood. The large wood ceiling beams, the age-old wooden cabinets, the wooden floors. These are the elements that create the ultimate dark wood rustic kitchen. If you love wood designs, this is the kitchen design for you. Stick to pine for the ultimate dark wood effect and showcase how the tree branches once grew in the ceiling beams. The wood creaking as you step on the floor gives it an extra effect. This design is for people who absolutely love the vintage country kitchen and to achieve that wooden elements are a must. The best wood to go for is dark wood – it radiates a warm vibe in the kitchen. Combine it with certain hints of red for a cozy country kitchen.

White Country Kitchen

The white country kitchen is a minimalistic kitchen that integrates both white modern elements and rustic and relaxed elements. This design is for giving a modern white kitchen a splash of rustic in order to enhance the homely vibe. To design a kitchen of this kind, you’ll need to integrate a mix of white and black – white being the dominant color. Stick to white cabinets and black hardware. This will create a cooking space that feels modern, relaxed, and soulful. Hang vintage signs around the area to add personality to space. Add wood shelving for storage.

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Stone Country Kitchen

The most beautiful element that goes with wood in the country kitchen is stone. If you want to spend more on the ultimate country kitchen, stone is the best feature to integrate with wood. Remind yourself that nature offers more than just wood. The stone doesn’t have to be omnipresent, but carefully integrating it near strategic spots such as the fireplace or as a cover for part of the wall can liven up space. You can even put a stone on the floor by replacing your wooden floor with a flagstone floor. Combine this with vintage rugs for the ultimate vintage effect. You can also add rock elements to the countertops. The idea here is to integrate natural elements like mexican tile into a standard rustic kitchen.

Rustic/Modern Mix Kitchen

For those who prefer modern elements but appreciate the small details in a country kitchen, the modern/rustic mix is the ultimate choice. Don’t like a fully wood/stone covered kitchen? You can only integrate small elements of that in your current modern kitchen. Let’s imagine your kitchen is fully kitted-out with the newest stainless steel appliances, cabinets, and white marble walls. What would be your options? For one, you could add natural wooden floors, wooden chairs/stools, vintage wallpapers, or a fireplace. This mimics certain rustic elements and integrates them in the modern kitchen, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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