8 Stunning Ideas of Сorners Interior Design

You’ve designed the interior but don’t feel satisfied enough? Perhaps you completely forgot about the design of the corners.

8 Stunning Ideas of Сorners Interior Design

That’s why we made up a list of eight vibrant ideas on how to decorate the corners in the apartment.

1. Gallery

The corner is a wonderful place for a small exhibition of your favorite paintings and photographs. Do not overload the walls, hang up frames evenly and allocate them harmoniously. Even the salient corner could play the role of the gallery – the art won’t certainly get unnoticed and the entire interior will get a fresh brand-new look. Another option is to make a home information center for family tips and planning. You can add a notice board, a pile of notes, and a calendar in the corner.

2. Reading spot

The position in the corner is always the most advantageous and comfortable. The walls here are protected from two sides, in addition, this is a place where it’s super comfy to look around from, without attracting attention to yourself. Arrange a cozy reading and relaxing corner in the bedroom, living room or nursery. You can put a cozy armchair and a floor lamp in the corner or you can just put more pillows. The main thing is that should feel totally comfortable and relaxed.

3. Working area

If you work at home but there’s no separate office, a place for a chair, a desk and an adjustable converter could be found in the corner. An extra bonus is that the working spot is located by the window right in the bedroom or kitchen. So you will be provided with enough lighting and get the opportunity to enjoy the vivid outdoors view through the window.

8 Stunning Ideas of Сorners Interior Design - working area

4. Decorations

If all the furniture is already set and you forgot about the corners, it’s not too late to put, for instance, a tall floor vase or house plants. The larger the room, the larger the decoration should be. If you think that one vase or flower looks poor – create a composition of several items. But first, make sure there’s enough light for the plants in the corner.

5. Mirrors

You can easily influence the geometry of the room by placing a mirror in the corner. Such a location would be a perfect spot where the reflection works on the lighting and the visual increase of the space is the most efficient.

6. Little table

A small corner table comes in handy in the anteroom. It could completely have the same shape as the corner does filling up the entire space. But remember that random messy stuff quickly accumulates in such a convenient place – forgotten books, glasses and keys, a mug that was taken to the kitchen but suddenly you were distracted, cell phones and other items. In this case, you have two options: to prevent this by occupying a table with a lamp or decor or to encourage by providing boxes and shelves for storage.

7. Shelves

There are lots of options – roomy racks, small open shelves, bookcases and a shelf that substitutes for the bedside table. The corner is a great place to store and exhibit what you value in any room in your home. Most importantly, everything must be accurately set using precision measuring tools. If you’re not confident about how to do it yourself, it’s better to find a specialist.

8. Closet

Decor the corner in the bedroom to store clothes, shoes, and jewelry. That will definitely help you keep your stuff neat and organized. So you don’t need to dive into a messy bump looking for the clean shirt because everything has its own place. There are lots of wonderful storing ideas you can look up and fit in your interior design.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing great about blank corners, they look as if the owner of the room has just moved in and hasn’t bought enough furniture yet. Vivid corner filling, on the contrary, instantly gets the interior a vibrant look. Such valuable space shouldn’t go to waste.

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