Coolest Home Automation Gadgets

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Coolest Home Automation Gadgets

Every homeowner dreams of having a smart home. A connected home makes life more convenient, safe and accessible. Imagine having control of all the appliances in your house at your fingertips. The future is already here. With a home automation system, you can speak to your home through a smart device or a remote control. Here are the top three coolest home automation gadgets.

Ecobee Wifi Thermostat

Wifi thermostats also known as digital thermostats are home automation devices that control the temperatures of your home. Wifi enabled thermostats tops the list of the coolest home automation gadgets in the market today.

The Ecobee Wifi thermostat will bring digital climate control into your home. The Ecobee thermostat is flexible and powerful and you can use it to control and monitor temperatures in multiple rooms by using the remote sensors. With the Ecobee smart thermostat, you will save money.

Compared to the old thermostats that heat and cool your home even when there’s no one in the house, the smart thermostat will give you the option to adjust your thermostat settings to your schedule. Thus, you can remotely adjust your home’s temperatures on your way home and enjoy the comfort and convenience this home automation gadget brings.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker’s brand that was developed by Amazon. These devices are connected to a voice control service known as Alexa that responds when you mention the wake word “Alexa”. There are several things you can do with this voice controlled device.

Coolest home automation gadgets - Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo allows you to control your smart home and enjoy life to the fullest. You can turn the lights on and off, close and open the garage door, play music, ask for recipes and keep tabs with the latest news at the end of the day. Alexa also works well with the Ecobee Wifi thermostat thus you can use it to adjust the temperatures of your house as well.

Nest Indoor Security Camera

The Nest indoor security camera is just what you need to keep your home and your loved ones safe. This camera allows you to monitor your house from your phone and can give you alerts when someone walks in or leaves the house.

The 24/7 live video stream will show you all the activities that go on in your house during the day and night. You will also get alerts, emails, and photos whenever something suspicious occurs in your house. One thing you will love about this camera is the invisible infrared LED light that illuminates the whole room; even when it’s pitch black, the camera’s night vision will allow you to keep viewing.

The Nest Indoor camera has a state of the art IQ. This camera can clearly distinguish a person from a thing. The camera can zoom in on somebody’s face while still recording the full picture. The powerful microphone is capable of scaring off an intruder from afar. It also comes with a noise and echo suppression that enables you to hear what the intruders were saying.


There you go; the top three coolest home automation gadgets. Want to replace your old thermostat for a new wifi thermostat? At Air Ace Heating and Cooling, you will get to know which thermostat is the best for you.

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