Mitigating the Hazards: 8 Modern Construction Site Safety Essentials

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Construction sites can be dangerous places. Site managers are responsible for ensuring the safety of construction workers and passersby alike. Thankfully, modern construction site managers have far more tools at their disposal to help ensure worker safety than even their recent predecessors.

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Read on to find out about eight construction site safety essentials no site manager can afford to ignore.

Fall Protection

Working at height is even more dangerous than working on the ground. Site managers should install a Wall Mounted Work Platform before any work begins at height and should ensure that all workers are provided with and trained in the use of fall protection devices like harnesses. It’s important for workers to have access to harnesses designed according to the requirements of the work they are performing that are rated to withstand their weight and attached to secure supporting structures.

Hard Hats

A little over 11% of construction site injuries are caused by falling objects. These injuries can be very serious, or even fatal since even small bolts or tools falling a significant distance can strike with incredible force. That’s why all construction workers and visitors to the work site should be provided with standard hard hats.

Eye Protection

The majority of eye injuries occur due to dust and other airborne materials coming into contact with workers’ eyes. That means they can easily be avoided by providing workers with safety goggles or face shields. Some face shields also integrate head and respiratory protection, making them even better for safeguarding workers’ health.

Hearing Protection

Construction sites are loud places. Unfortunately, sustained exposure to noise levels above 70 decibels can cause cumulative hearing damage, and loud sounds above 120 decibels can cause immediate harm. Providing workers with earmuffs or earplugs can reduce the risk of job-related hearing loss substantially.

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Lung Protection

Harmful dust and gasses are often plentiful at construction sites, where activities like sandblasting, rock crushing, and paint spraying are commonplace. These toxic substances can damage workers’ lungs if inhaled, so provide them with high-quality respiratory equipment. Keep in mind that cloth and paper dust masks are only effective against nuisance dust. Employees who work around toxic or hazardous materials should be provided with respirators.

Hi-Visibility Clothing

Hi-visibility (hi-vis) clothing can help to prevent stuck-between injuries and accidents involving moving construction vehicles. Providing workers with reflective jackets or vests helps to minimize the risk of vehicular accidents.

Hand Protection

Since construction workers make frequent use of their hands, it should come as no surprise that these appendages are uniquely susceptible to damage on the job. Injuries range from abrasions and minor dislocations to severe burns and broken bones. The right gloves or gauntlets can help to prevent hand injuries.

Waterproof Clothing

Waterproof clothing should be provided to any workers who spend time in adverse weather conditions. Providing workers with waterproof workwear, which often doubles as hi-vis clothing, helps to ensure that they can work safely and effectively in a range of weather conditions.

The Bottom Line

While it’s true that only workers themselves can take full responsibility for their actions on the job, site managers are responsible for helping to ensure their safety. That means taking precautions, providing training, and making sure that all workers have access to the safety gear and protective equipment required to minimize risks.

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