Is construction project management an in-demand role?

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For anyone who is considering making the investment in project management accreditation, you may be asking yourself what type of opportunities might be available to you with this type of qualification. If you take a look at the construction industry, you will note that at the moment here is a huge demand for those who have the skills and qualifications as a construction project manager. The good news is that this demand is predicted to continue for at least the next few years.

Is construction project management an in-demand role

All over the globe, there is a massive investment infrastructure, and the construction industry is flourishing, so much so that more and more companies require project leaders who are proficient at what they do. Now is the time to get out there are begin learning those skills.

Where are construction project managers needed?

There is currently a demand on an international basis for project managers in the field of construction, and this means that there are a number of counties where you could find yourself using those project management skills.

The United Kingdom

The demand for private housing is continuing to grow in the UK, and it has been predicted by the Construction Skills Network that there will a need for hundreds of new project managers in the construction industry – those areas where new roles are expected to include London, the South West, Wales and the North West.


There is also a significant surge in the construction industry in Australia. The infrastructure of the country is a key area of investment from the government at the moment. There are significant amounts of jobs being advertised in the construction industry, and the Australian Visa Bureau even lists construction project manager as one of the professions that is currently much in demand.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai is currently something of a hub for construction activity in the UAE. This was the case in particular in the run-up to Dubai World Expo 2020. Real estate and infrastructure are big areas of investment. It is believed that over the next 10 years, the construction industry in Dubai alone may generate as many as 170,000 jobs, both indirectly and directly, with an emphasis on construction project management.

Is construction project management an in-demand role - manager


In 2017 construction project manager was listed as one of the top five jobs in the engineering sector in the US. The majority of work in the field is located in those areas of urban growth – Washington, New York, Augusta, and Seattle.


Construction is the second biggest industry in India, employing in the region of 35 million people. The government has initiated several flagship projects which will see the industry expanding well beyond 2020. These include both energy and residential projects.

A Global Trend

On a global basis, the demand for certified project managers across all sectors is at an all-time high and continuing to rise. For those people who are considering studying towards their project management accreditation, it would appear that the construction industry is certainly an in-demand area to be looking at post-certification.

No matter where in the world you want to work, it’s clear that there are options within construction project management if this is a field you’re looking to work in.

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