Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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As you take a look at your current bathroom, you may realize that it needs a revamp, but you are uncertain how to get this done. There are a lot of ideas, but you want to get the work done without ruining your budget or making a look that you are not that happy with.

Small bathroom

When you are ready to take a look at some of the different bathroom remodeling ideas, consider some of the options below:

Shower Location

By shifting your tub and toilet position just a little bit, you will find that it is easier to create more space and make the whole bathroom airy and bright. Most contractors will be able to do this with relative ease, but you will need to think about where you would like each of the parts before you begin to allow you to get the most out of the space.

White Modern Bathroom

The modern look is all about the white. This is such a simple way for you to modernize your bathroom and make it look amazing, without having to spend a ton of money. Having clean white lines and a few other organic touches to the bathroom is enough to help change the entire look. As you do this one, consider going with continuous flooring and white wall tiles throughout the whole room. This is often enough to freshen up the look and can help the whole bathroom appear polished and clean in no time.

Black Powdered Room

This is a daring move, but it is going to help make a big statement in your home. Consider going black in the bathroom by painting the walls and other surfaces black. Then you can spruce it up and add some color with something as simple as a colorful painting. The outcome of this will be elegant and classic.

Use Some Pebbles

To add a little bit of decadence to your bathroom, you can consider doing some pebble work as well. You are able to use pebbles for your flooring or even a slender pebble column on the wall to accentuate the look that you are doing. This works really well with a walk-in shower and will give you a beachy feel. You can choose from a few different colors or styles to really make the area look amazing.

Minimal Spa in the Bathroom

You can turn your bathroom, no matter the size, into a spa. You do not need a vast amount of space in order to have a spa within your home. You just need to make a plan and think through where everything will go in order to get the results that you want. For example, adding in a free-standing tub, a classic countertop made out of marble, and a new chandelier could make the bathroom feel luxurious and beautiful in no time.

Bathroom with free standing tub

Make a Statement with the Sink

When you are really limited on the space in your bathroom or you do not have a huge budget to get things done, it is time to look at the sink. A single statement feature is able to change the whole look of the bathroom, making it look amazing in the process. For example, you could incorporate a marble vanity with a unique pattern on it to help make your bathroom look great. Whether you replace the whole sink or look at other options that will update the look, you will find that this is such a simple thing that will allow you to get a whole new look in the bathroom.

Consider a Multipurpose Bathroom

You can make your bathroom work in many different ways if you prefer. You no longer need to feel conflicted about whether to have a stand-alone shower or a bathtub. With a larger bathroom, you will be able to have both. Many homes are embracing this option, using a stand-alone soaking tub next to the walk-in shower. Add some custom glass doors or a custom steel door to finish the luxurious look.

Honeycomb-Tiled Bathroom

Adding tile can be a smart decision for your bathroom. It is easy to clean and allows you to add some patterns to the wall the way that you would like. A good choice for tile includes the honeycomb tile. This type of tile will help you enlarge the room, which is going to make it perfect if you have an otherwise narrow space to work with. Brass faucets will help to accentuate some of the honeycomb tile that you use.

Maximize Shelf Storage

Finding enough bathroom storage can be a challenge for many people. Bathrooms are often small and you have to make the most of the space and the shelving that you can find. Getting creative with some of the storage that you have will make your bathroom more efficient and will help you store more there. Consider adding some creative storage above the tub. You can put a few towels there and just grab them when you are done with a relaxing bath, rather than having to reach halfway around the room to get it done. Add some above or around the toilet or under the counters to make sure that you can store all of the items that you would like.

Getting the Bathroom Remodel Done

A bathroom renovation is a smart way to make your home look modern and updated. While they can be a big undertaking if you decide to go all in and make it crazy, there are some simple steps that you can do to help your bathroom remodel look great. No matter what your goals are with the bathroom renovation or the style you would like to go with, hiring a contractor to help lay out the plans and make it look amazing can be a smart decision.

Bathroom renovations in Canberra will allow you to change the look and feel of your bathroom, improving the comfort of the room and the value of your home. And there are so many ideas that you can consider when it comes to remodeling your bathroom too! Take a look at some of the different suggestions above and see which one is right for you before choosing a great contractor who will make your dreams a reality.

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