Common Roofing Damages And How To Fix Them

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From all parts of the house, the roof serves a major purpose, and that is to provide a safe haven for your family against harsh weather elements. However, as years pass, the durability, look, and structure of your roof may diminish. That’s why you land into roofing damages, like missing shingles or damaged tiles once in a while. It’s important to fix roofing damages as soon as possible before they cause bigger problems later on. Neglecting a minor roofing issue may cause expensive repairs and total roof replacement, which can be a source of unexpected hefty expense.

Common Roofing Damages And How To Fix Them

Check out the common roofing damages below and ways on how to fix them.

Roof Leaks

Not all roof leaks are the same because some are pretty obvious, and others are tough to notice and locate. Water may show up at a ceiling area that is distant from the roof leak. So how do you assess the exact location of the leak? Push the insulation and check for flow stains if the ceiling has a plastic vapor barrier located between the attic insulation and the drywall. Water usually runs into vapor barrier openings, like at the light fixtures of the ceiling.

If there are no flow marks because of a fairly small stain, check at the roof underside for ‘shiners,’ which are missed nails of the framing member. It is true if the carpenter nailed the roof sheath to the rafters. It is done because moisture tends to escape into the attic from the other rooms below and condenses on cold nails. If you climb into the attic, you can also spot it on a cold night, wherein the nails look white due to being frosted. During the day, the attic heats up, melting the frost.

How to Fix: The solution to roof leaks is to seal them and clip the nail using side-cutting pliers. If leaks continue and are very difficult to locate, contact a roof repair service right away. An expert roofer has the right tools and equipment, along with the knowledge and skills to diagnose roof issues.

Missing Gutter Apron

As water flows off your roof’s edge, it may cling to the shingles’ underside, dribbling toward the fascia wood. Missing the gutter apron causes a wick of water behind the gutter. Over time the fascia softens, and the roof sheath rots. Water stains will be evident below the gutter, which is a sure sign of a missing gutter apron.

Here’s how to fix a missing gutter apron:

  • Add a gutter apron when you’re buying new shingles to replace old ones. You can purchase a gutter apron at home centers, which are usually available in 10 feet lengths.
  • You can also slip a gutter apron under the existing tiles or shingles. Dab roof cement in every couple of feet to “glue” the gutter apron to the shingles, holding it in place.
  • Remove gutter straps or brackets and refasten them after the gutter apron is in place.

Hail Damage

If you live in an area with frequent hail storms, large hailstones may hit your roof’s asphalt shingles. Usually, it knocks granules off the roof’s surface. It may also cause tearing or puncturing of the shingle. The sun’s UV rays can destroy the protective layer of your roof or its granules. The more granules that fall off the damaged spot, the more severe the bruise grows.

How to Fix: While the damage may not be obvious, get a professional roof inspection from a reliable roofing contractor if you suspect hail damage after a hail storm. A lot of factors can cause the level of hail damage, and the potential insurance claim highly depends on the hail velocity, the fall angle, the hail size, hail shape, and density. That’s why a professional must be sought for proper assessment and documentation to prove your claim.

Common Roofing Damages And How To Fix Them - missing shingle

Broken or Missing Shingles

Dark areas are noticeable on the roof in which a shingle used to be. Worn off or damaged sealant caused by harsh weather or rodents cause missing shingles. Shingles may break in many parts and dispersed in the yard. Also, shingles may come off in one piece.

How to Fix: Replace broken or missing shingles with closely matched shingles you currently have. Check out any extra shingles, and you can fix this problem yourself or contact a roofer if you’re too busy or adamant doing this roofing job correctly.


There are many possible causes why your roof would get damaged. Roof leaks, hail damage, and missing gutter apron are just some of the many roofing problems you’ll encounter in the lifespan of your roof. Fixing these roofing problems is crucial to preserve its longevity and avoid expensive roof repairs and replacement.

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