Some of The Common Reasons Behind a Leaking Roof

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As someone living in a home, the last thing most people would wish for is a leaking roof. Sure, in the hindsight, it does seem like a small issue that should not create problems for a lot of people but the thing that we must know about leaking roof is it can lead to a lot of issues, and can completely ruin your way of resting. Because of that it’s imperative to learn the most common reasons behind a leaking roof.

In a situation like this, the best thing one can do is make sure that they have some understanding behind leaking roofs. Now the important thing that you should know before we proceed is that there are always different reasons. The chances of having the same reasons for two or more than two people are there, sure, but they are not as much.

A really important thing that you must know is that roof inspection is a great of making sure nothing like that ever comes to pass. This is important even for the house that you have just purchased because you never know when you might need to get the roof checked.
Some of The Common Reasons Behind a Leaking Roof

There can be so many reasons behind why the roof is leaking, and at times, it can be a huge issue for a lot of people as well, that should be dealt with at all costs. Something that most people completely overlook and never really pay attention to. If you want to avoid that from happening, do get the roof inspected beforehand and you would be good to go as well.

With that said, below are the most common reasons behind a leaking roof. Let’s not digress any further and have a look, shall we?

Dislocated Tiles

If you have had the chance of dislocated tiles in the past, and the leaking start happening after that, I can guarantee you that it is playing an important role in the leaking of the roof. Thankfully, this issue can be dealt with ease, and in most cases, you won’t need to hire the professionals either.

There might be instances where you might need professionals to fix the disclocated tiles, and in that case, hiring the best roofing company in Long Beach would be the right thing to do.


Another really common reason behind the leaking roof is the condensation being present on top. This normally happens when the top area is poorly ventilated and does not have any air crossing through. The condensation forms on the underlay of the roof and just like that, the roof can start leaking.

Weak Underlay

Weak underlay is another common issue that can result in the leaking of the roof. Underlays are the parts that are responsible for passing the water down to the gutters. So, if it is getting weak, or being compromised in some way, then it is safe to say that instead of passing the water down into the gutters, it is not doing that the way it is supposed to be done, and that is the reason behind some of the water leaking through the roof.

Some of the common reasons behind a leaking roof - worn out shingles

Malfunctioning Extensions

Some people have extensions installed to make things more efficient. However, if you do happen to have lean-to extensions installed, the chances are that they are the ones causing the leak to happen in the first place.

Understanding this is rather easy. When it rains, the rainwater hits the roof, and then it moves to the lean-to extension, once it does, the pressure on the extension is increased as compared to before. It is now being pressurized by the rainwater, as well as the additional discharge from the rooftop.

Normally, these extensions can old on their own, but over time, they start malfunctioning and becoming weaker, and weaker. The weaker these extensions are, the more drastic the roof leak will be.

Damaged Roof Junction

Last but not least, the damaged roof junctions is another reason why the roof is leaking. You can actually find that out rather easily. Just inspect the junctions on your own, and see if it is installed incorrectly, or it is damaged in some way. That causes the area to be exposed to where the water can simply start falling down. The larger the area, the bigger the leak is going to be.

Hopefully, you will now know how to handle a leaking roof.

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