Most Common Kitchen Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

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A kitchen remodeling or renovation is a big undertaking that entails careful planning. Primarily, the focus should be on the kitchen design. An impractical design or beautiful kitchen that lacks functionality can render you inefficient in doing everyday tasks. In any home improvement project, it’s essential to learn the rules and at least the basics to avoid pitfalls and end up with your desired outcome.

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Here are the most common kitchen design mistakes made by homeowners that can be prevented.

Straying Too Far from the Kitchen Triangle

Kitchens are all about workflow and foot traffic. No home cook would want to bump into a kitchen island with hands full of ingredients or pots and pans. Three elements lie at the core of every kitchen – the sink, stove, and refrigerator, and the design should enable easy and seamless access to them. Functional kitchen design is at utmost importance when planning a new kitchen or remodeling the one that you already have.

Insufficient Lighting Fixtures

Apart from general lighting, add plenty of task lighting to support various kitchen activities. Install pendant light fixtures over your kitchen island and underneath upper cabinets to illuminate counter spaces. Not only do lights promote better visibility, but contributes to a more upbeat and bright kitchen ambiance. Professional kitchen design includes electrical components and every aspect of fitting, i.e., tiling, flooring, and plumbing for a well-planned kitchen.

Lack of Storage Space

When it comes to storage space, there’s almost never enough. Incorporate as many storage systems as you can in the form of cabinets, drawers, cupboards, and pantries. A clutter-free kitchen is attractive in itself. Pots, pans, food, and utensils can be neatly organized instead of using up precious countertop space, which brings us to the next most common mistake in kitchen design.

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Not Enough counter space

Counter space is equally important as storage space. It is where you’ll be preparing meals at different times of the day, and you’ll benefit from the comfort and convenience of having ample space. Take into account the tableware and small appliances you’d need to use, such as the blender and toaster.

Skipping the Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is often overlooked, which goes beyond being a design flourish. It plays a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and protecting walls. Imagine all the steam and grease produced by the oven, along with inevitable food splatters during cooking.

brick kitchen backsplash

Inefficient Waste Management

The trash bin you use, where you’ll be keeping them, and where to toss recyclables and non-recyclable materials matter. Consider a hidden pull-out or tilt out the cabinet, under sink bins, those with wheels or casters, whichever will make your life easy and your kitchen free from foul odors. See to it that you have proper ventilation too.

Changing Your Mind, and the Design

Once you decide, there’s no going back. Changes along the way will only cost you time and money. Don’t be carried away with current kitchen interior trends that may make you want another redesign so soon. Think about practicality, organization, functionality, and efficiency right from the start.

By knowing these seven mistakes that are all too common, you won’t have to learn the hard way. Eliminating these obstacles to kitchen design leads to the best results, where you ultimately acquire your dream kitchen. Consulting a professional can help you come up with a timeless kitchen design with every detail paid attention to. What’s more, a well-designed kitchen makes for a long-term investment that gives added value to your home.

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