Common Garage Door Troubleshooting

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Garage doors are often neglected but an important tool for any house or establishments. Some may not see it as important as the others, but it is really crucial and necessary to know and to understand how it should be maintained and what should be done in case of a problem because garage doors are not only a display, but it also adds security and protection. Since garage doors are composed of different mechanical and automatic parts, they are also prone to different problems. Some can be solved just by searching through the internet, while others require experts and professionals in garage door repair. This is because any wrong instruction can lead to further damage or even accidents.

Common Garage Door Troubleshooting

The most common garage door problem is the not functioning of sensors. Garage door sensors are the one responsible for transmitting and receiving signals of the commands. If the door did not operate or follow the command, check first the sensors. There could be an obstruction between them or the sensors itself are dirty and dusty that they cannot receive the signal. Remove any blocking between them and wipe off the sensors with clean dry cloth. It could also be misaligned. To fix this, the sensors should be moved, adjusted, and faced towards each other. Make sure that they are aligned and straight by using a level bar.

Another usual problem is associated with the remote control and the switch. Sometimes, the main plug and the switch of garage doors are turned off or disrupted. This will make the garage door fully not operational. If it is plugged out, just put it back, but if the outlet is the problem, contact electrical repair experts. Also, there could be a problem with the circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI of the garage door opener circuit, so it is better to let the skilled one do the repair. For remote controls, since they are powered by battery, if they start to malfunction, it might need its replacement. If the problem is not from the battery, just reset the remote control or the keypad.

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On the other hand, if the garage door is too loud or too noisy when opening and closing, check the rollers or the other metal parts if they are not damaged or rusted. Most of the times, the load noise comes from the friction between the moving parts of the garage door. To prevent this, always wipe off the dust with a dry cloth and use garage door lubricants.

However, if the problem is within the motor, springs, or cables, the skilled and expert technicians should handle and do the repair. The homeowner can inspect these parts and can do it only if they have experience in this type of repair, but if the only guide and instructions are acquired online, it could not be reliable and 100% correct. The best way to do fix your garage door is to ask companies offering garage door service to do the repair.

Garage doors don’t receive much attention but once it is broken, it can be a great problem. If not fixed immediately and expertly, it can cause future injury and destruction to the car, other things in the garage, or even to the family.

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