Common Electrical Services Homeowners Need

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Life without electricity is almost unthinkable, and even its short-term blackout can cause problems. As explained on, problems also occur in households, not just on the network. Failures in electrical installations often happen due to various reasons. Some of them might be external, while the source of others can be inside your house. Due to modern, energy-efficient systems, some faults are not so common, like EV charging.

Common Electrical Services Homeowners Need

Still, most homeowners will experience issues related to wirings or electrical appliances. Broken fuses, wiring damage, and failed outlets are something anyone will experience sooner or later.

Lighting Installation

Lighting installation is considered one of the most demanding jobs in your household. So you will need a licensed electrician to perform it. Most of these systems many fixtures, depending on the owner’s requirements. These are placed on walls, ceilings, or floors. Most of them have two or three terminals; but, some may only need one. Before installing the lighting fixtures, an electrician checks the wiring to make sure it’s not broken. If installed properly, you won’t have to change them any time sooner. You can keep them even if you change the house wiring.

According to the respected electrician in St. George, UT, other standard electrical services involved with lighting fixtures include putting or replacing light bulbs. Many homeowners are surprised to find out that there are several types of bulbs and that not every bulb can fit any fixtures. For example, most lamps and chandeliers now work with high voltage lamps. These are difficult to install, and improper wiring can cause electrical shock. An electrician will handle that task with no risk.


Some homeowners aren’t aware that improper wiring cause most electrical problems. Improper wiring can include outlets placed in the wrong location, light switches that are not well attached to circuits, or poor connections between elements. As any of this can provoke life-threatening situations, don’t ever think of wiring as a DIY project. The electrician examines wiring to determine its proper placement. If there’s need for a repair, these professionals have the necessary tools to assess the breakdown location. In some cases, the wiring is too old to be repaired, so the replacement is the only solution.

Any increased use of electricity in your home can lead to system overload. The result is blown fuses. Although it seems like a small malfunction, it is necessary to call an electrician to inspect the system and connections. Old installations, fuses, or sockets can be dangerous. Also, high-wattage appliances can cause a breakdown in some part of the system. Licensed electricians should locate the overload and move such devices to another circuit. On this source, see other reasons why circuit breakers trip.

Installing New Circuits

As a rule, households use a single-phase connection. The three-phase system is needed only in specific cases when an extensive distribution and power is required. This circuit is generally used in the industry, for some machines such as heat pumps, furnaces, or other professional tools. If you doubt the choice between the above, it’s best to contact an electrician who will inform you about which circuit suits you best. Three-phase systems have four wires where current is passing, three conductors, and one grounded neutral. Connecting to the mainline is not easy, and electricians need to do it with great care. They must provide accurate ratings for all circuits that will be connected to the public network.

Similar to how business owners can entrust the installation of new circuits to a reliable commercial electrical company, there are also professionals who can help you install new circuits in your home. These electrical companies have highly knowledgeable and trained electricians who can install new circuits with accuracy and precision. In this way, homeowners will have peace of mind knowing that all home circuits have a proper connection to avoid power distribution issues, especially during natural disasters or unexpected calamities.

Common Electrical Services Homeowners Need - electrician

Appliance Faults

Many common electrical services include wiring an appliance. It usually involves repairing or replacing electrical components to solve a problem. For example, if a new gas heater is plugged into a circuit, you have to install a new thermostat. It may be necessary to change some fittings on the radiators. Electricians will do any installation of appliances and particular house systems. Devices such as dishwashers, air conditioners, and sound systems run on electricity. When these appliances are installed in a home, the homeowner must provide the electrician with wiring specifications. Only that way, they will install the device in a manner that doesn’t create any safety risk.

Experienced electricians usually provide proactive, helpful tips on how to prevent appliance faults and related electrical issues, including the following:

  • How to prevent electrocution or short circuit accident when using appliances
  • Proper manipulation of a thermostat and other appliance settings to avoid appliance overheating and overwork
  • Helpful tips on how to save money using appliances and how to increase the efficiency of an appliance through proper maintenance

Security Systems

Work with the security system is not always a duty of electricians, but these professionals are well-trained for it. Thus, homeowners can entrust the installation of advanced security systems to qualified and experienced electricians. Some homeowners might not consider security systems to be a job for an electrician. They usually decide to connect everything on their own or hire a technician suggested by the equipment seller. That can sometimes be much costlier option. Some home security device suppliers may offer free installation services. But it’s still important to get an electrician involved to ensure proper electrical connections and avoid power-related issues in the long run.

Licensed electricians have the right equipment to test the electrical status during and after home security installation. These experts realize how important having a security system can be to a home. They can install cameras for day and night vision, motion detectors, closed-circuit televisions, intercoms, and many other security features. That will make your house safe from unwanted intruders.

Solar System Installation

As more households decide not to depend on public utilities, they turn to solar energy. Due to savings and eco-friendliness, more people in Australia replace electricity with Sun. That’s why most electricians have to pass extra training for working with these new systems. Also, they are licensed and insured, which is desirable when it comes to the installation of solar panels on roofs. Several types of solar systems are available, including a portable, battery-operated system and a stand-alone circuit connected to the mainline. Still, most household relies on off-grid systems that use solar panels. More on these systems learn on this page.

Skilled electricians can easily install any of these. They know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of system, so feel free to ask these experts if any doubts. Electricians have to be knowledgeable about the common technologies in use. They can provide you with tips and tricks to make the most of the solar power system. Most faults are easily located and solvable. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should do it, even if you have experience working with electricity. Even the smallest mistake can be risky or cause significant damage, so it’s best to leave this job to experts. Sure, you will have to pay for their services, but you will have peace of mind that the job will be done safely and quickly.

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