5 Common Commercial Building Code Violations

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Building Codes are put in place to ensure that homeowners and occupants live in safe houses. So, in essence, these codes are for your safety and the safety of everyone who lives in a house. After a Fresno General Contractor has handled a building project for you, it is in your own best interest to evaluate the job done to see if it meets the standard building codes.

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If you should know, some building code violations are hard to identify and even harder to fix because they are located inside walls or behind vents. With a trained eye, however, you can spot them with ease. As far as Commercial construction in Fresno is concerned, here are 5 common building code violations.

Code Violation 1- Defective or Missing Ground-fault Circuit interrupter

A circuit interrupter, also called GFCI’s protectors are required under new building standards for kitchen, bathroom, garage, and outdoor facility circuits. This circuit blocks out power if there is a potentially dangerous current change. If you want to be sure that your Fresno general contractor has done a good job, test for GFCI’s in all outlets by plugging into the outlet a receptacle tester. The tester will detect the presence or absence of a circuit or the existence of any wiring problems.

Code Violation 2- Absence of Handrail returns

Building codes demand that a Fresno general contractor installs only handrails that have returns. What this means is that the handrails need to end at the wall. Returns in handrails ensure that your sleeves or purse straps don’t get caught up at the end of the rail whenever you are walking past. This represents one of the common reasons why people fall when walking past handrails, and it could have potentially dangerous consequences.

Code Violation 3- Improper or Lack of Bathroom Venting

When searching for commercial construction in Fresno service, make sure you insist that your bathroom is fitted with proper venting. If your bathroom has an exhaust fan, it should be made to vent to the outside through the roof or to the side of your house. Directing the exhaust into the attic violates standard protocols. Venting through the attic causes sheathing and frame rotting due to warm air moisture.

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Code Violation 4- Deck Flashing Misplacement

For a flashing to be done right, the Fresno general contractor has to install it in between the house and the ledger. Not only that, but the ledger board also has to be fitted firmly. Loosely fitted ledgers lead to future structural problems such as building collapse, especially when there are so many people in the house.

Code Violation 5- Improper Smoke Alarms Placement

Building codes require that Fresno general contractors install smoke alarms on every floor of a house. Smoke alarms are also required for each bedroom. Beyond these measures, the alarms need to be wired with additional battery backup and all alarms need to be connected. With a proper interconnection, if one alarm is activated, the others go off too alerting occupants immediately.

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