How To Clear Overgrown Land The Easy Way

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Are you prepared to take on the part of your property that has become a tangled mess? Sometimes, you get things out of control when you decide to clear your overgrown land. You may think it’s just simply trimming the trees and mowing the grass. But, unfortunately, it’s all too easy to allow some areas of your property to get overgrown and out of reach. This is particularly true on larger plots of land.

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If you know what you’re doing and have the proper equipment, clearing overgrown land doesn’t have to be difficult. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about clearing your overgrown land the easy way:

1. Plan Where You Want To Start The Clearing

By planning where to start clearing the overgrown land, it would be easier to project the outcomes. You know the map of your backyard, and you can walk through it to plan the best method for clearing brush undergrowth. Make a note of any trees you want to cut and any areas that tend to be dense in overgrowth. Additionally, assess any areas of your yard that might be difficult to work on, such as swampy or rough ground or overgrowth entwined with a fence. Depending on the size of your clearing project,   you can consider alternative methods such as land-clearing services for yard waste. From soil and branches to shrubs and brush,  Winsco land clearing service is an easy way to get rid of an overgrown yard on your schedule.

2. Prepare Your Tools

Here are several tools you can use to clear your overgrown land:

  • Machete: Many years back, the use of Woodman’s Pal was a means to clear land. When appropriately used, this kind of machete is suitable for chopping down tall weeds. If your yard is known for harboring a large number of tall weeds that are resistant to pesticides or weed whackers, you’ll want to invest in a durable machete.
  • Brush grubber: This handy tool can clear small branches, stumps, and other debris. Secure it to a branch, attach it to your pick-up or utility vehicle, and accelerate to remove the tree from the ground.
  • Chainsaw: When it comes to clearing larger trees or groups of them, a chainsaw is more powerful than an ax. So, invest in a premium quality chainsaw designed for the type of work you’ll be doing.

You can use other tools–electric brush, weed eater, stump grinder, string trimmer, shovel, bow saw, tree pruner, rake, etc. Don’t forget your gloves, eye protection, long-sleeved shirts, pants, helmet, heavy-duty, and trash bags. It’s also important to use a sharpening stone to shape and sharpen your tools.

3. Get Ready For Clearing Overgrown Land

If you’re looking for the best way to clear brush or overgrown shrubs, a wooded electric push broom or a small handheld electric brush and weed eater will be your best friends. The slow-moving size and lack of noise make them perfect for clearing large patches of land that might take a while to reach the ground, especially if you’re trying to clear brush and small trees in an area with power lines or underground cabling. Even if you’re just trying to remove that last few stubborn overgrown shrubs from your property, small trees will make the job go faster since they’re not as heavy and clumpy.

4. Cut Trees and Branches

Next would be the cutting of trees and branches. When the tree you’re going to cut is large, you should know how to cut trees and branches using a chainsaw. Also, you shouldn’t cut it too close to the edge where the root is located because this will weaken the core of the tree and will eventually snap the branch.

cutting a tree with chainsaw

5. Cleanup

You’ll need a tiller or a wheelbarrow for clearing excess ground because it’ll give you access to root areas where the grass is growing the thickest. Begin by clearing away any dead grass that may be on your lawn. Once dead grass has been removed, you can start cleaning up the overgrown grass on your property. You’ll need a sprayer for this process because it’s easier for you to control where the water goes than using a hose or a rototiller. After spraying, you need to rake the ground really well in order to clear up any clumps of soil. As for the removal of the clumps of soil, this can be done by hand or with a piece of equipment. Either way, you have to ensure that the soil is even so you don’t have any clumps of soil where you have dead grass. Then, add some fertilizer to the area.


The easiest way to clear the overgrown part of your land is to ensure that you plan, have the right tools, as well as clear, cut, and clean your land properly. Even though the process is labor-intensive, it would ensure that your land is well maintained and you can get your pristine property back.

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