How to Remove a Tree on Your Property: The Different Options Explained

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Tree removal is no easy task. If done improperly it could result in serious injury or even death. But don’t let that deter you from removing trees on your property. Removing dead trees or ones that are overhanging a building will beautify your yard. It will also protect you from falling limbs during the next storm.

How to Remove a Tree on Your Property

How to remove a tree without hurting yourself, your property or anyone else is a skill that takes careful planning and execution. Here are our suggestions for proper tree removal. Here are some tips on how to remove a tree.

Gear Up

Wear appropriate safety gear. You’ll want to put on a helmet, safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, long pants and sleeves, steel-toed boots, and for larger trees, protective chaps. Taking the necessary precautions will help prevent injuries while removing a tree.

Clear Out

Be sure to clear the area surrounding the tree. Make sure everyone including any pets stays away from the area. Only the person cutting the tree and a helper should be close to the action.

Observe Which Way the Tree Will Fall

Stand back and note which way the tree is leaning. This will help you determine which way the tree will naturally want to fall. From here you can decide which way you are going to chop the tree. Once you have decided where the tree will land, plan several escape routes. One for when the tree falls in the intended direction and a few for if the tree falls in an unexpected direction. Check the tree for any safety hazards such as dead or hanging branches. Check the trunk of the tree for any rot or signs that the stump is hollow. Removing a rotten tree at the stump is dangerous and is best left to tree removal experts.

Cut a Notch

Use your axe to cut a notch near the base of the trunk on the side of the tree that will fall forward. Start by cutting down at about a 70-degree angle. Cut until you are about 1/5 of the tree’s diameter into the trunk. Then cut up at about a 30-degree angle to meet your first cut. The result should be a v shape with an angle of around 90 degrees.

How to Remove a Tree on Your Property - chainsaw

Make a Backcut

The backcut is made on the opposite side of the tree. This should be done about 2 inches higher than the notch you created on the opposite side of the tree. The back cut will relieve pressure on the backside of the tree allowing it to fall forward. Once your tree starts to fall, quickly follow your escape route to safety and do not return until the tree has fallen completely.

Remove Branches and Chop up Trunk

With the tree lying on the ground, cautiously remove the tree’s branches on the opposite side of the tree from which you are standing. Work from the base of the tree upwards and do not stand downhill of any branches you are cutting. Once all of the limbs are removed, chop up the trunk with a chainsaw for easier removal.

How to Remove a Tree the Easy Way

If wielding a chainsaw is not your forte, you can call tree removal professionals. They will visit your site and asses the cost of tree removal. You will set an appointment to have the tree removed and a crew will come back and make quick work of removing your tree.

Branch Out

Hopefully, you are no longer wondering how to remove a tree. Taking necessary safety precautions and observing all dangers is key to felling a tree. If your tree removal project was a success, check out some of our other posts on how to improve your home.

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    Phew! I felt so relieved upon discovering this article. You see, my uncle has been expressing his concern with the condition of a huge tree behind his small factory which might be even more harmful if nothing is done to address it. I really appreciate it when you said that clearing out the surrounding area can ensure the safety of everyone who gets involved in removing a tree. I guess it’s time for him to reach out to a professional to handle this matter really soon.

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