How to Hire The Best Cleaning Service Experts For My Retail Store

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Keeping your retail space clean is not just a chore – it is a necessary action if you want to attract and retain shoppers. This will also help you keep your employees healthy while boosting their morale. No employee or customer wants to spend their time in a germ-infested, unkempt, or dirty environment.

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This post details the various necessary steps required for finding the right commercial cleaning company for your retail outlet or shopping mall.

1. Read reviews

Reviews are an integral part of finding a new service provider. Reviews lend an insight to how a company is performing. They help you understand whether the company is what you are looking for or not. You should know where to find online reviews. They should be unbiased and preferably written by past customers. You can find the perfect fit by reading online reviews of different commercial cleaning companies.

Reviews can help you discern that the cleaning company has the right skills for satisfying the needs of your shoppers. These are a few factors you should keep an eye out for while reading the reviews:

  • Friendliness
  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Customer service

You should look at the details if the cleaning specialist has negative reviews. You should beware of both bad and too good to be true reviews. Are the bad reviews because the company overcharged for the service, were late in showing up or did not follow proper protocols? You can make an informed decision by looking at this information. Google, Yelp, and individual applications, such as Thumbtack are a few good places for looking at reviews. In addition, you can also ask others for references. You should assess the references on the basis of professionalism, cost-benefit, timeliness, and skills.

2. Experience

Commercial cleaning is different from residential cleaning. In fact, retail cleaning is very different from office cleaning. You need to find a company with the right kind of experience in your industry. By hiring a contractor that provides retail cleaning to other establishments, you can be sure that they would be aware of the challenges faced in cleaning. The commercial cleaning company you hire should have the necessary experience in keeping an area the size of your store clean and hygienic. They should be able to keep your establishment looking professional. They should also make sure that the conference rooms, building’s offices, restrooms, and other high traffic area remain presentable at all times. Don’t forget to ask the number of years in experience the company has. The cleaning company has better chances of maintaining standards if they are experienced and hire only experienced cleaners.

3. Confirm specialties

There are many companies that would offer unique services necessary for keeping your establishment looking presentable. You would find greater satisfaction in the overall process if the company addresses your particular needs. For instance, if your store has wall to wall carpeting, you may want to hire commercial cleaners that are adept in carpet cleaning. This will help you make sure that carpets are free of debris at all times. Businesses selling medical supplies or a pharmacist may want a company that focuses on disinfection. You should always hire a company that has experience in your particular industry and offers what you need as a business. Furthermore, experts suggest never to depend on one single cleaning company. Even if the company offers all types of cleaning, you should still work with a separate contractor for your deep cleaning requirements. This will ensure that those places are addressed that gets missed by you and your regular cleaners.

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4. Background checks

It is important that the commercial cleaner you hire only sends qualified individuals to maintain your store. The cleaners should have proper background checks and verifications completed. The company should have the cleaners on their payroll instead of on a contractual basis. This will allow for greater accountability in case something goes wrong. It’s crucial for the cleaning company to understand the importance of discretion. They should maintain a safe environment without stepping on any toes. The cleaning specialist will have access to your office where you may leave certain important documents lying on the table. They would also have access to the store after-hours. You do not want an untrustworthy person to have access to your inventory and property.

5. Flexibility

The company should be flexible since a business can face significant changes from one day to the next. You don’t want to have to repeat the process of finding a good cleaning company if you decide to upgrade the flooring, renovate the office, or rearrange things. The commercial cleaning specialists have to be flexible as your business grows and changes. You should ensure the company you decide to hire is willing to accommodate any changes in the service terms. A stellar cleaning company would help you clean up after events and provide extra hands when required. Commercial cleaning contractors that accommodate last minute requests are worth their weight in gold.

6. Get Multiple Quotes

The last step is to get a quote from all companies you have shortlisted and are interested in. You should compare these quotes on the basis of the price as well as the services on offer. It’s not prudent to choose the lowest priced option without paying any consideration to other factors. Experts recommend getting a quote from at least three different commercial contractors in your area. You should ask for an estimate only after explaining all your needs in detail. The contractor should understand what you require in terms of cleaning. They should offer to develop a customized cleaning plan for you as well. It is best if you list out the kind of services you require and the duration. For instance, you may want the floors and restrooms cleaned on a daily basis, while you may want the carpets to be vacuumed only once a week. You can always walk away from a quote if it doesn’t match your expectations. It’s preferable if the company does a physical inspection of your store before giving you a quote.

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