How To Clean Your House And Organize Your Things Properly

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As we all go through life, possessions are accumulated. Before you know it, you are sat in a home full of clutter, wondering how you got to this stage. It’s understandable, some things are kept for the sake of memories, some things just build up over time. With this guide you’ll learn how to clean your house and organize your things properly.

How To Clean Your House And Organize Your Things Properly

If your home is becoming a mess of things you don’t need, it can become harder and harder to organize and clean properly. When this issue arises, you’ll need to put the work in to bring your home back to life. Let’s take a look at how to do this.

Decluttering is Key

No one likes throwing things away but, sometimes, it’s the only way you can start. If you’ve got a huge amount of clutter in your home, it’s time to be ruthless. Before you start with decluttering it might be a good thing to call pest control and do a pest inspection in your home. Start in one room and take a look around you. Think about why you’re holding on to certain things and if you really need to keep them around. Start small, by spending 5 minutes on one bookshelf or surface. If it’s stressful, take a break. A good method to use when decluttering things is to think about when you last used or thought about this item. If it’s been more than a year or two, you clearly don’t need it around. Throw it out, donate it, or find a new home for it.

External Storage Can Help

There are some things you just can’t throw away – and that’s fine! But, keeping them in the house is causing mess and stress. For family heirlooms, bulky items, or anything else you don’t need around regularly, consider using a self-storage facility. It’s easy to find and use self-storage. Simply search for storage in Paya Lebar, for example, to find your nearest unit. Often, it’s as simple as signing up for a storage bay online, then driving down to the unit with your belongings to receive a key or code for your unit. These bays are often accessible 24/7, so you can grab precious items any time you wish.

Display Only Important Things

Now that your home is becoming less cluttered, you can start to think about what you want on display. Instead of walking into your home and seeing a mess everywhere, you can make it so your prized possessions line the shelves and create a wonderful display of you and your personality. Do you want a classic-looking bookshelf or a corner dedicated to plants? Maybe you want to display family photos on the stairs that have been locked in a box for years. Choose what you want to display and make your house start to look like a home.

Maximize Storage Space

It’s also key to maximize storage space within your home. Too often, corners are left underutilized and storage spaces are jam-packed with unnecessary items. Look for ways to increase storage space in your home such as clever under-bed storage or sofas with storage drawers or bays underneath. This can help you hide away extra linens, winter clothes, or other semi-regularly used items without cluttering up your hallways or cupboards.

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Clean High Surfaces

When you get to this stage, you can start to develop a regular cleaning program for your home. You’ve probably created quite a bit of dust and dirt while removing old items from every room, so start high. Dust then clean high surfaces first, as any dirt you find will fall downwards towards lower units and the floor. Get those shelves completely dust-free then create your displays on them!

Work Down to the Floor

Once the high-level areas are done, work your way down to the floor. Dust then and clean countertops, tables, and drawers. Put everything back neatly, then work down to the floor. Depending on your type of flooring, there are different cleaning methods. For carpet, you may wish to buy or hire a carpet cleaner. These devices are a lot like hoovers, except they wash your carpet with water and then suck it back up again. After years of neglect, this may be the only way to go.

For hard floors, wood, or otherwise, start by doing a good sweep and hoover. You can then begin cleaning. A simple cleaning solution and mop is the best way to clean these floors. Just make sure they are dry afterward – wood doesn’t like to be wet too long. Decluttering may be hard, but once it’s done and things are stored away, your house can feel like a real home again. Then, the only challenge is to try not to let the same thing happen all over again and always organize your things properly!

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