What to Look for When Choosing Pedicure Chairs

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Pedicure chairs are fundamental items to your spa. People would likely want to do their nails when they enter a beauty salon even if their main request was to do their hair. The smart spa owner knows how to attract customers to those chairs, not only for the service they offer but because they look so appealing that they are hard to resist. Therefore, it’s important to buy a chair that fits all tastes and is a customer-magnet.

What to Look for When Choosing Pedicure Chairs

There are certain requirements that you should look for while searching.

Pipeless Chairs

A customer’s primary concern when they attempt to have a pedicure is the hygiene of the place and the chair. They always want to know and be reassured that they will not get any infection. That should be your concern too because cross-infection happens quite often and you don’t want to be the reason. Getting a pipeless chair has the advantage of circulating the water and it is connected to the water supply for regular self-cleaning and auto-drainage. You don’t have to change the water by yourself after every customer which saves time and effort.


For starters, the chair should have padded cushions that are soft on the bones. Also, a reclining system will give the employee and client the freedom of movement due to the several positions that can be adjusted in. Clients spend a lot of time inside the salon so they will get thirsty, that’s why movable trays are a great addition to hold their drinks. Ever wanted to have a pedicure and a massage at the same time? Well, it is possible with a remote control to change the intensity and kind of move. There are multiple features in different chairs as kneading, rolling, and tapping. Since one of the spa’s targets is to induce comfort, these options are found in the best pedicure chairs in the market that can reduce life’s stressors. Moreover, a built-in heater acts as a muscle-relaxant if your client is suffering from tense shoulders or back.

Built-in Vents

Acetone, nail polish, scrubs, and other chemicals produce smells and fumes that are harmful in the long-term. It is critical to have a good ventilation system connected to the chairs so that the air in the salon is always clean. Safety comes first even if you will go over the budget.

The Design

Functionality is important but the eyes love and choose first. The color of the chair should fit the decorations in your salon and give off a light vibe. Conflicting colors are not good mentally even if you bought the most comfortable chair on Earth. Also, the design shouldn’t take a huge space so pick the size according to the space you have.

What to Look for When Choosing Pedicure Chairs - pedicure

The Cost

You don’t have to for the high-end brands or spend lots of money, but a high-quality chair is what you should buy because sometimes cheap ones end up sucking up your money. You need to consider the kind of service you’re offering because it is a simple equation and you’ll get what you invest. If you want to have a luxurious experience given by a well-trained nail technician, then you should aim for the expensive full-option chair.

Spare Parts and Warranty

The same as an electric device or even a car, spa chairs require regular maintenance and some of the parts should be replaced after a while. In that case, consider getting one with available and relatively cheap spare parts. Also, the company you will buy from should have a good after sales service because if a chair stopped working, you’ll need to fix it immediately to avoid business disruptions. Sometimes, there are defects in the production and any respectable company will replace the chair as fast as possible. They should offer a warranty, for instance, there is a possibility that you or one of the beauticians will use or move the chair incorrectly which will lead to a malfunction.

Technician’s Side

In order to be able to offer a quality service, the technician’s well-being and comfort should be put into consideration. The side stools should have different heights that can be adjusted and back support. A footrest will provide accessibility without the need to bend over, while a hand rest will keep their elbows supported resulting in unparalleled service. Searching for a pedicure chair is a headache but hunting for one while knowing exactly what you want will be a lot easier. We picked the necessary features, so you can buy one based on knowledge instead of paying tons of money then realizing that you should have done more research. Your spa will shine after that deluxe edition!

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