3 Pro Tips For Choosing Door Handles And Knobs

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Door handles and knobs form an integral role in ensuring the security and privacy of your building, home, or business premises. However, different handles and knobs serve various purposes, levels of security, and aesthetics—making the selection process challenging.

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You want to settle for a door handle or knob that will meet your needs as a household. However, you shouldn’t worry too much; this article aims to give you tips you can adopt to help with the selection process. Read on for this insight!

Know The Existing Types

Like when selecting any other household item, you must know what exists to make your choice. You can’t choose something you don’t know. Most of the door handles and knobs fall under these categories:

  • Passage Systems: These serve only to give you access to a space, such as a closet, and they don’t have a locking system.
  • Entry Systems: They give you access to main spaces, such as your home or bedroom, and they have a key system that enables you to lock the door for privacy.
  • Dummy Sets: They’re often for decorative purposes and have no turning system. All you have to do is pull them to open or close a door.

From the various categories, your choice should be based on your needs. For instance, if you have children or are living with an aged person or someone with a disability, door knobs shouldn’t be your go-to choice. These require turning, and they might not have the strength to do the turning without struggle. However, a door handle with a lever only requires you to pull it down, making access easy.

If you’re fixing door handles and knobs to internal doors that lead to spaces not requiring privacy like the kitchen or store, consider adopting door handles and knobs that fall under the passage system category. Knowing the types of door handles and knobs, you won’t purchase the wrong item—wasting your resources. It’s advisable to utilize the internet to find the best site to source your door handles and knobs.

Check Costs

Costs are a common determinant in purchasing items, whether house-based or not. Here, the basis is affordability in the short and long-term. Different door handles and knobs will vary in price, depending on the material, installation, maintenance, and vendor. Some materials are more expensive than others because of certain properties such as strength or performance characteristics like rust resistance. Also, some handles are challenging to install and might require special tools or skills. The more complex the installation process, the more you’ll pay for the given door knob or handle.

On maintenance, different materials will have varying needs. Some, like satin Chrome, will only require wiping down every once in a while, with others needing additional maintenance to preserve their beauty. Ultimately, you want to settle for a door handle or knob whose short and long-term costs you can afford. Your budget should help gauge the affordability of the handle. In no case should the overall cost of your chosen knob exceed your budget; you don’t want to experience financial strain in the future.

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Consider The Material

Door handles and knobs come in different materials, from Brass to Chrome to Bronze. Here, your choice should depend on the intended location of the handle and your preferred style in terms of design. On location, you want to install the knob or handle in an area that won’t contribute to its detriment. Some materials thrive better in certain conditions than others. Suppose you live in an area with salty conditions or high humidity. A stainless-steel door knob or handle will work fine in such conditions; you won’t need to worry about rusting over time. Satin Chrome should be your choice if you’re looking for a corrosion-resistant handle or knob. Here, the aim goes beyond functionality and extends to longevity. You want to get value for your money, which will only happen if your chosen handle serves you years later.

Furthermore, regarding location, it’d help to consider traffic. If the said door experiences a lot of opening and closing throughout the day, choose a door handle or knob material that’ll withstand the excessive handling. When it comes to design, your door knob or handle should depend on your home’s theme or type of door. Have the two adopted a modern or traditional outlook? Some door handles and knobs work best in a contemporary setting and others in a vintage setting. For instance, antique handles work best in a traditional style since they come in different shapes and designs. Settle for neutral or minimalist handles, such as Chrome, for modern looks. Simplicity and elegance are the keys to achieving a contemporary design. The aim is to ensure the continuity of your home’s design.


An ideal door handle or knob meets all your needs without the need for compromise. The discussion above highlights tips you can adopt to ensure you find the right door handle and knob for your household. Consider implementing the tips in your selection process, and you’ll have an easy time settling for the right products for your door needs. Should you face any dilemma during selection, your needs should guide you appropriately.

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