How to Choose The Right Color For Your Roof

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From covering you from the rain to keeping you warmer during the winter months, roofs play a vital role in your life. It’s such an immediately visible part of your house that you want to make sure it’s both functional and attractive. There are so many color options out there to choose from, and many colors might not match your current design. When you have a lot of options, it can end up being harder to decide. We have come up with tips on how to choose the right color for your Austin roofing project.
How to Choose The Right Color For Your Roof

Asking yourself these questions will guide you in the right direction so you are happy with the outcome.

Should You Pick A Dark Or Light Color?

The first decision you should make it whether the roof should be dark or light. One of the reasons you may be persuaded one way or the other is the climate in which you are living. If you live in a warm area, a lighter roof may be a better option, so it does not absorb the sun’s heat. It’s okay to choose a darker roof; you simply need to keep heat in mind. If you go with a dark color, make sure you add additional insulation to your attic, so your home is not as affected.

Does It Match Your Paint Job?

It’s important that the shade you choose goes with the rest of your home. If your home is blue, you probably don’t want to get a red roof. Many different shades of grey and black are always easy to find and pair well with nearly all house colors. If your house is white, you have many more options. You can choose to go with a simple design and add a gray or black roof, or you can choose to draw more attention to the area and make it pop with a bright color contrast. Make sure you take into consideration other parts of your home. You want to make sure your roof doesn’t clash with any of your trim or shutter colors, for example.

How to choose the right color for your roof - different roofs

What Goes With Brick?

If you have a brick home, it can be more difficult to know what color to choose for your roof. With other types of siding, a quick paint job can change the exterior completely. Brick, however, is multi-colored and much harder to change color. Solid colors like brown or black are always good options to match with the brick.

Does It Match Too Perfectly?

This may seem obvious, or it might be something you didn’t realize at all. We recommend never matching your roof perfectly to the color of your home. It doesn’t make the house look quite as sharp. A different color breaks up the home and provides contrast. Has this helped you to figure out what color to paint your roof? If you are still struggling, contact our professionals and we will be happy to give additional tips while taking into considering your specific housing color.

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