How To Choose The Best Swimming Pool Filter

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How To Choose The Best Swimming Pool Filter For Your Swimming Pool

If you wish to keep your cardiovascular system in an excellent condition, swimming is the way to go. A giant water splash does more good to our body than we can think. Besides maintaining the overall health, swimming is known to boost our metabolism.

But do you want to take those laps in unsanitary conditions? Of course not. The pathogens in unclean swimming pools tend to nullify the benefits that come from the invigorating workout. The best way to make a swimming pool free from all the disease-causing micro-organisms is installing a quality swimming pool filter.

Although it is not as simple as opting for the first one you find after a single Google search, there are many aspects to examine. On that note, let us dive into the details of how to choose the best swimming pool filter for your swimming pool.

Examine The Pool Size

Different pool filters have different powers. Depending on the size of the pool, you have to opt for the filter accordingly. The speed of most filters is measured in Gallons per minute or gallons per hour if the pool accommodates a large amount of water. Calculate the volume of water in the pool and convert it into gallons. It will help you pick the right filter.

Consider The water Flow Rate

For determining the turnover rate of the pool, you have to find out the speed with which water flows through the filtering medium. According to the laws of most states, 12 gallons per hour is the standard turnover rate. It ensures quality cleanliness and provides an excellent swimming environment.

Consider The Maintenance Ease

This principle applies to all the machines in the world. A filter that is easy to maintain can offer a greater convenience level and allow the authorities to stay in their comfort zone. This way, they can focus on other aspects of the development of the swimming pool instead of wasting time and money over maintaining the pool. Opt for a filter that is easy to install, clean, use, repair. Instead of hiring professionals, you should be able to handle the replacement of parts in a hassle-free way.

Scrutinize The Durability

One of the most critical factors to determine while choosing a swimming pool filter is the durability. A filter that starts to give trouble, in the long run, is eventually of no use. The water in a swimming pool has certain chemicals to keep it germ-free. Make sure the filter you select is made up of materials that are corrosion and rust free. For determining the durability, you can check out the manufacturer’s website for client testimonials, reviews, complaints and so on.

How to choose the best swimming pool filter for your swimming pool - swimming pool

Seek For Recommendations and Perform Detailed Research

The best way to get positive recommendations is to consult friends, family, and relatives. No opinion can be more genuine than theirs. They will provide you with real insights, and you can also get a detailed idea of their experience. Another great source of recommendations is online reviews. You can access them on the manufacturer’s website and from bloggers of a similar niche. The detailed research is especially helpful if you are looking out for an entirely new model that you haven’t tried out before. If you have to replace your old model with a similar one, you can go ahead with your own experience a guide.


Budget and affordability are the resting pillars of any purchase. The same applies to purchase a swimming pool filter. If you are on a tight budget, don’t just head out and buy the cheapest filter without any research. Remember, you only get what you pay. On the other hand, if you don’t have a budget restriction, purchasing the most expensive filter does not guarantee to provide you with excellent results. Before spending your hard earned money, examine the crucial aspects first. If you are completely satisfied, only then invest in a filter.

Go Bigger

Faster water filtration is always the goal. Regardless of the size of the pool, no one wants a lousy filter that takes forever to clean a pool. After determining the volume and the pool turnover rate, you have pretty much done. Size is essential to keep in mind when it comes to buying a swimming pool filter, the bigger, the better. A large-sized filter cleans swimming pool water at a rapid pace and can handle greater quantities although it doesn’t mean that you opt for the enormous commercial filtration system when all you need is a mini filter for the kids’ pool.

Checking out the Different Types

There are a plethora of different types of swimming pool filters designed for the suitability of different users. Make sure you check out all the available categories and determine which one accurately meets all your needs. Let us take a look at some common types.

1. Sand filters

You can go with a sand filter if you are on an extremely tight budget. Sand filter replacement is inexpensive. Although small dirt particles can easily pass through, so it is not highly recommended.

2. Cartridge Filters

If you can afford something better than sand filters but can’t go entirely over the budget, a cartridge filter is an optimum choice. High speed and greater turnover rate only add to its immense benefits.

3. DE Filters

DE stands for Diatomaceous Earth. They are the most elite form of swimming pool filters. DE powder is used to recharge the filter, and it can remove the tiniest debris owing to its superior cleansing properties.


Exercising your body from head to toe has immense benefits, and swimming is the best way to go about it. It increases lung strength and improves the overall heart condition of an individual. Although you can only reap the numerous advantages only if you have a decent swimming pool filter, thus, keep in mind the above-mentioned points and get one as soon as possible.

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