The How, Why And When Of Cheap Self Storage

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Cost-effective self storage is something that most of us know exists. Until you’ve used it you may not realise just how handy it can be. To help you gain a better understanding of this amazing storage solution and just how useful it is, we’ve answered the main three questions about it.

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Here is the how, why, and when of cheap self storage:


Cheap self storage works by offering a space that can be as small as a gym locker, or as big as a football field, to domestic and business users who need extra storage space. It is always a highly secure facility with security that is likely above and beyond anything you have at home, or even in your work office. In a good self storage facility you are likely to see things like CCTV, security, lighting, 24 hour reception services, gating, multiple lock points and security guards. You simply hire the space that you need at the size that you need for the amount of time that you need it. Many self storage facilities will allow you to use a unit for as little as a few days. It’s very flexible and really helpful for many different uses.


There are lots of reasons that good value self storage is used. For domestic users some of the most common uses are:

  • Moving house
  • Divorce
  • New children
  • New pets
  • Renovation
  • Selling a house
  • Seasonal wardrobes and items
  • Hobby storage
  • General boost in storage space
  • Student storage
  • Gap year storage
  • Decluttering
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For business users some of the most common uses of cheap self storage are:

  • Moving office
  • Affordable start-up premises
  • Stock storage
  • Flexible delivery receipt
  • Food truck and other mobile business units
  • Seasonal businesses
  • Coronavirus business furniture flexibility

There really are endless reasons that a person needs extra space that is secure and affordable. It really is no wonder self storage is such a popular solution for many businesses and domestic users in need of storage space.


Many people choose to use self storage at a time when they need it, rather than setting it up ‘just in case’. They are also likely to only use the facility as long as they need to, again rather than keeping it longer just in case. For this reason the flexibility of cheap self storage is great as it allows for both short-term and long-term use. One person may use it when they move house and only need it for a week or two. One person may use it when they downsize to live with their parents and save for a property which takes a few years.

The best news is that when you need self storage there will always be a unit there for you to use. It’s very unlikely that a self storage facility will be full at any one time, and there will always be somewhere to suit your situation. Hopefully you now know about self storage just a little bit more. If you are considering using helpful extra storage space for either domestic or business use sometime soon, do get in touch with your local facility today to find out more.

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