Cheap Fence Ideas for A Backyard

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A fence completes a home in so many ways. From ensuring privacy to keeping intruders at bay, it secures the boundary to your home. Given its importance in modern backyards, a fence is a must-have necessity today. The problem only comes when you are working on a budget. Where do you start? Which are your best options? Or should you give up your dream of securing your backyard from the intruders?

Cheap Fence Ideas for A Backyard

Well, there are several economical options available, which still maintain the style and purpose of your fence like all the pricey options out there. Here, we’ll take a look at the 5 best fence ideas you can try if you are living on a budget. Hopefully, you will find an option that suits your property. We spoke with a San Diego fence company to get the answers for you.

Chain-Link Fence

A chain-link fence also called a diamond-mesh, chain-wire, or wire mesh fence is a woven fence made from galvanized steel wire. Its apertures are diamond-shaped, hence the alternative name. It is easy to install and requires little effort in maintenance. It is a great option on a tight budget for a large yard. Chain-link fence costs between $10-20 per foot, making it one of the cheapest options for urban neighborhoods. While the apertures may mean less privacy than the premium options, chain-link fences are very effective in securing your home. A good way to reinforce both privacy and aesthetic appeal is to plant a vine of your choice, preferably a fast-growing option behind the fence.

Barbed Wire

By far the cheapest option on the list, barbed wire is an excellent choice in many homes. As you may be aware, this fencing option is not permitted in urban areas and would make for an excellent option in rural farms with large compounds that require fencing. This fence types uses three to five strands or tiers of barbed wire stretched between metal posts all around the property, with posts at corners to hold up the wire. The cheapest options range from $1.50 to $2 per foot. You can always plant trees along the fence to improve its allure.

Treated Pine 

Also called paling fences, treated pine fences offer a cheap yet attractive option. It uses pine wood that has been chemically or pressure-treated to resist pests and rots. These are installed in a vertical or horizontal non-breaking orientation. They are cheaper than naturally resistant wood like redwood, costing just between $ 12 and $19 per foot. Pine fences require occasional maintenance including re-treating the wood and replacing any rotting pieces. Pine thrives in humid areas and is not easily affected by moisture.

Hog Wire

Hog wire panels are steel rods welded intersections that are galvanized with zinc coating. They are also called livestock panels and are suitable for fencing in grazing areas or marking boundaries. The metal wire is strung in a grid-like pattern over wooden frames and costs $3 to $5 per linear foot fenced. Hog wires offer an affordable and low-profile solution with a wide-open view. Its compact and simple style also lends it a certain elegance. What’s more, the fence can be complemented with plants, and easily acts as a trellis for growing almost any vining plant including Hardenbergia, potato vine, jasmine, and several others.

Cheap Fence Ideas for A Backyard - picket fence


Picket fences offer an elegant and truly attractive option for ensuring privacy at a pocket-friendly price. Recently, these fence types have attained the symbolic status of the American dream, with the white picket fence depicting the ideal middle-class suburban life of the American. They are inexpensive and cost around $5 to $10 per linear foot. Also, they are customizable and offer a range of options including settle, wood, and vinyl, in a variety of colors and shapes. Wood picket fences are also environmentally friendly due to their biodegradability.

Final Thoughts

A tight budget should never constrain you or be the reason you settle for a substandard backyard. The options we’ve shared offer a comprehensive insight into the most popular fencing alternatives to the premium materials like aluminum or iron. Now that we have covered everything you might have wanted to know, you have no reason whatsoever to fail to realize your fencing needs.

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