Car Window Repair Guide

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Either your car is new or old, there are various factors that can affect the state of your windows such as harsh weather conditions and road accidents. These kinds of factors can either cause minor or major car window damage and leave you with no other alternative but to repair or replace the damaged windows.
Car Window Repair Guide

This article will discuss how you can use different approaches to small car repairs like repairing your car windows.

Repairing Minor Damages On Your Car Windows

Repairing minor damages on your car window is easy and you do not necessarily have to hire an experienced technician to help you solve such a problem. Here is a guide on how you can repair minor damages such as a scratch on your car windows.

Steps To Take When Repairing A Scratch On Your Car Windows

Start By Cleaning The Scratch

The first thing you are required to do is use a glass cleaner to clean the damaged area. While spraying the glass cleaner on the scratched area, use a soft material to remove any dirt that might interfere with the repair process.

Apply Baking Soda And Toothpaste

It is important that you prevent the scratch from spreading to other areas and the best way to do this is to use baking soda and toothpaste. Use a spatula to mix the two elements before you can apply on the scratched area. After making the solution, use your finger to dab the mixture on the scratched area. However, be careful when doing this and do not use too much pressure to apply the mixture.

Car Window Repair Guide - repairing

Buff The Damaged Area

The next thing you are required to do is to polish the area with a soft cloth. Do this in a circular motion and make sure that you apply medium pressure for at least fifteen minutes. After this period, you will notice that the blemish has disappeared and if not, then you might want to repeat the buffing process.

Remove The Solution

The last step is to remove the solution from the car window. Use a clean soft cloth and a glass cleaner to wipe off the solution from the car windows. Cleaning the solution can take a longer period or less depending on the amount of solution and the number of scratches you are repairing.

Car Window Replacement

If the damage of your car window is beyond repair, then you might want to replace it instead of having it fixed. However, this is not an easy task and you might not have the tools, or the skills required to do this kind of work. That is why it is advisable that you hire an experienced window replacement technician to replace the window for you.

The technician will first inspect the car windows in order to determine the level of damage that is done. If the window is broken, the technician will try to remove small pieces of glass left behind by removing the door panel. This will make it easy for him or her to access the rest of the surface and use a vacuum to remove the remaining debris.

After that, the technician will install a new window and make sure that it is working by testing the regulator. You will also be required to replace any other affected areas that might interfere with how the window functions such as the door panel.


Car window repair services are easy to find and affordable. However, you do not have to hire a certified technician to conduct minor repairs on your car windows. You can save money by repairing minor damages and only hire a technician when dealing with complicated car issues.

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