Can You Finish An 80 Lower Without A Jig?

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Transforming 80 lowers in functional weapons and at-home forges have become such a norm nowadays. However, if you are new to it, you must know that working on an 80% lower is all a matter of proper equipment and safety and requires adequate knowledge and skill. If you lack either one of these, it will just not work for you.

Can You Finish An 80 Lower Without A Jig

All of these elements are essential, equipment being on the top of the list. Are you wondering what priority equipment could be? Well, you must have heard about jigs if you are already interested in gunsmithing. Do you think you can finish an 80 lower without one? Read further to know.

Jig – An Essential or Not?

When working on the transformation of an 80 lower, a jig is a main and, most importantly, required tool. This tool serves as an all-in-one equipment house for this process. Jigs are used to provide you with proper guidelines for drilling, milling, and cutting purposes. They come with bits varying upon the receiver that you are about to work on. Jigs indicate a well-aligned trigger point for drilling in holes, hammers, and where to cut without barely any mistakes. Their bits work for different purposes for making holes and cuts. If you come back to the question of whether or not you can finish an 80 lower without a jig, the answer is no. You cannot successfully finish an 80 lower without a jig.

Cutting and drilling into a receiver without a jig is like blindly drilling and cutting into air. If you are thinking about working on an 80 lower anytime soon, make sure to get your hands on an 80% jig. To make it more convenient for you to purchase jigs from, you will find the best jigs at They have the best quality jigs at pretty reasonable rates. It is a one-time investment that will go a long way without disappointing you.

Can You Finish An 80 Lower Without A Jig - finishing

Benefits of Using Jigs

  1. When you start working on an 80 lower for the first time, you are somewhat afraid that you might mess it all up. By using a jig, the worry goes away. It is because a jig guides you throughout the process and helps you build an AR successfully.
  2. Jigs can make the gunsmithing process a lot more convenient for you, depending upon what tier of jigs you are using. The higher tiered jigs you use, the easier it gets for you to complete the process without taking a very long time.
  3. Another benefit of using jigs is that they prevent your final weapon from misfiring or being defected in any other way. Jigs help you drill holes correctly and prevent you from over drilling so that your final weapon functions perfectly without any manufacturing or operational defects.
  4.  Jigs can work as a powerhouse of tools since they are fully equipped with a variety of tools which are all the essentials that you require for the process.


Jigs are the most important tools in this process. They work almost like the base of gunsmithing by helping you in building glorious firearms with utmost perfection.

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