4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Beverage Fridge

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A beverage refrigerator is crucial in your home as it allows you to store drinks away from the main refrigerator. It’s smaller in size, portable, and consumes less energy, making it worth the investment. It is uniquely designed to maintain the optimal temperature of all drinks, including wine, beer, juice, water, and more. Unlike regular refrigerators, beverage refrigerators have glass or metal shelves with holes to allow cold air circulation. Here’s what you need to know before buying a beverage fridge.

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However, with many options in the market, selecting the right beverage fridge can be challenging, especially with many factors to consider. Fortunately, this article highlights the main things to consider before purchasing a beverage fridge.

1. Type Of Beverage Fridge

With endless choices in the market, you need to decide what type of beverage refrigerator you need. You may choose from freestanding, built-in, and outdoor beverage refrigerators. A freestanding model is designed to stand alone without any support. Hence, it’s versatile because you can place it anywhere in your home—offices, game lounges, dens, lobbies, basements, or entertainment areas. However, avoid placing this type of fridge under cabinets or built-in sections because the compressor’s hot air can damage the cooler.

A built-in model is a beverage fridge undercounter that makes good use of your cabinets and countertops. Unlike a freestanding fridge, a built-in fridge dismisses hot air from the front, meaning the cooler isn’t affected by the hot air. These models are installed in indoor and outdoor kitchens or home bars. Meanwhile, an outdoor beverage fridge is ideal for storing drinks in patios or outdoor settings. Although you can place a freestanding fridge outside, it’s not recommended as it can’t stand harsh elements. However, an outdoor beverage fridge is designed to be used outside, so it can withstand any weather condition. Just remember to place it under a shade.

2. Type And Number Of Drinks You’ll Be Storing

Before investing your money in a beverage fridge, you need to consider the type of drinks you’ll be storing. For instance, are you planning to store canned drinks or bottled beer and soda? Choose a fridge that meets your requirements depending on your taste and preferences. This is because some models are designed to hold cans only, while others have dual compartments that can hold both bottles and cans. The drinks you store will also determine whether you choose a single or dual-zoned fridge. If you intend to store beer and wine, you’ll have to settle for a dual-zoned cooler as it provides two regions with different temperatures. A single-zoned cooler maintains the same temperature throughout the fridge.

Furthermore, the number of drinks to be stored will also dictate what beverage fridge you purchase. If you plan to store drinks for two or three people, a small beverage fridge holding around 60 cans or less will work perfectly. For a small group, a mid-size beverage fridge holding about 70 to 100 cans is ideal. However, a large beverage fridge holding more than 150 drinks for large groups or offices will save the hassle of restocking your drinks regularly.

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3. Cost

Like many other purchases, you should have a budget when buying a beverage fridge. Not having a budget and researching your options may make you spend a fortune on a poor-quality appliance. Your budget will influence your choice when shopping for a beverage fridge. However, to get a high-quality appliance, you’ll have to spend more, as the price varies with the quality type when it comes to a beverage fridge.

Therefore, it would be best to be familiar with what you’re buying and opt to buy your appliances from reputable suppliers. On the other hand, avoid extremely cheap appliances because some sellers sell them at a low price point to dispose of fake or unwanted products. So, when evaluating the cost of a beverage fridge, remember to include the maintenance cost. Choose a beverage fridge that needs less maintenance and comes with a service warranty.

4. Special And Safety Features

The features of a beverage fridge determine its efficiency and running costs. Thus, take a close look at the features brands offer before settling for one. The features to look out for include digital temperature control for temperature reading and adjustment, dual temperature zones, reversible doors, LED lighting, and safety locks. The more features a beverage fridge has, the more convenient it will be for you and your family.

Conclusion on Buying a Beverage Fridge

Getting the right beverage refrigerator or the best wine fridge that suits your needs isn’t a walk in the park. That’s why you should consider the above factors before you settle on a specific fridge. The best beverage fridge not only provides cold drinks but would also be a perfect addition to your home’s aesthetics.

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