Buyer’s Guide: Should You Get a Robotic Vacuum?

We’ve all seen those hilarious videos of pets interacting with a robotic vacuum cleaner. Seeing the automatic vacuum clean up the house instead of you having to do it yourself makes you start wondering if you should also get one. They are especially helpful if you have hardwood floor (source). Well, you’ll need to know what it can do for you before you decide to make the purchase, as they’re not really the cheapest gadget you’ll find on the market.

Buyer's Guide Should You Get a Robotic Vacuum

This article will highlight a series of things you should consider if you’re thinking of getting a robotic vacuum.


Let’s get right to it. The price for these bad boys isn’t the most pleasing at first, until you realize the amount of work they’re going to spare you every single day. Thinking of it like that makes it a pretty good investment. The price can range from $50 all the way up to around a $1000, so it really depends on how much your budget is. If you want the latest, most extravagant one on the market, you’ll need to be prepared, as they don’t come cheap.


Like any other product, the more money you spend on it, the more features it’s going to have. These vacuums can come equipped with the regular guiding/dirt sensors and the WiFi connectivity option, or it can come with the ability to schedule cleaning times, map the rooms and get controlled via an application. Having a robotic vacuum that tends to your very needs is pretty relieving, and people over at say that  “purchasing the right robot vacuum cleaner is well worth it in so many ways.” But all that’s being said about a vacuum that actually tends to the needs that you specifically want. If you buy one of them and you find out you forgot to set it up before leaving, you’re going to be very disappointed as you come home every day. Do your research about the one that you want before getting one that can’t satisfy your needs.

Buyer's Guide Should You Get a Robotic Vacuum - vacuuming

Your House

Wanting a robotic vacuum that has a lot of fancy features that can make it run automatically on a certain schedule every single day can be great, but you really need to consider your own house before investing into an expensive gadget that may not be able to help you out all that much because of several reasons. The battery life may be too short and it would run out before it’s done cleaning up your entire house, in case you have a house with a vast living space. It might not function that well on carpets or cords laying around. It’s not an extremely complicated matter to think about, you just have to keep a few things in mind before you start searching for the right vacuum for you.

Final words

If you have some pets of your own, you’ll probably end up with a hilarious video if you buy one of these, but that’s only if you actually need it. Some people don’t mind the work behind vacuuming a house manually. Some people want to save themselves a lot of time and effort and take the easy way out, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. You just have to make sure that what you’re going to be buying is the right fit for you and your household.

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