Best Economical Robot Vacuum 2023 – For a Price of less than $80

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Up until 10 years ago, obtaining a robot vacuum may seem out of the ordinary. People would rely on traditional upright and canister vacuums, due to their enormous suction power, and the ability to get rid of various debris types. However, the more advanced robot vacuums got, the easier it became for robot vacuum manufacturers to produce more economical models, instead of the $900 and $1200 models.

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To be exact, an iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum produced years ago would still cost around $700-800. This isn’t as economical and budget-friendly as an ordinary customer would look for. Therefore, in this guide, CleanersAdvisor experts prepared a small list of the best economical robot vacuums, with prices of less than $100 to purchase when your budget is tighter than anticipated.

Economical Robot Vacuums and how they impact your life

Most of the time you won’t enough cash to purchase luxurious items for your household and some may consider robotic items a bit more luxurious than others ones. However, when it comes to hygiene and health, it should always come as a priority to purchase items and equipment that help you maintain a high level of hygiene and get rid of all the health hazards inside the house. That’s when robot vacuums come into help and especially economical robot vacuums.

Robot Vacuums

Before we jump into the best economical robot vacuum models on the market, let’s talk about what robot vacuums are, and what they offer to household owners. Robot vacuums are electronic vacuums that use a traditional (or advanced) movement-guidance system to move around the house and vacuum. Generally speaking, they are lightweight and smaller-sized than most traditional vacuums. We’ll talk about their prices later in this guide, but let’s just establish that they are a substantial jump in luxury when it comes to cleaning effortlessly.

Robot Vacuum Prices

In the introduction to this guide, we already established -as well- that a single robot vacuum can cost up to $1200. Moreover, the average price of a robot vacuum can cost around $600 to $800, which isn’t affordable by any means as well. This is when this guide comes into help, as the CleanersAdvisors team will provide a list of 3 pretty economical robot vacuums with prices less than $100 per model! Yes, that is economical!

However, budget-friendly models are made specifically to tighten the strength of any tight budget would have on your decision-making, but it comes with some disadvantages. Those disadvantages include unticking some boxes when it comes to the ultimate features of any robot vacuum. However, it’s well known among manufacturers that the main features should always be unscathed, as they are what make a robot vacuum useful.

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Economical Robot Vacuums Pros

In other words, why should you choose the economical robot vacuums? They are time-saving, effort-saving, use advanced technologies, and offer multiple cleaning options. Whenever you’re at work, you can just hit the mobile app designated for one of those economical robot vacuums, and order it to start cleaning. Smart apps have been a common theme when it comes to robot vacuums, and economical robot vacuums have been benefitting from that recently.

Additionally, those are the pros you should expect when obtaining the best economical robot vacuums we’ll review afterward:

  • Saves Your Money
  • Does More Than Vacuuming (Can Mop & Sweep)
  • Works Well with Pet Hair
  • More than 2-Year Warranties

Best Economical Robot Vacuums Model: Mahli Robotic Vacuum

The Mahli Robot Vacuum is the best economical option you should be looking for when it comes to economical robot vacuums. It does more than you need, as obtaining a vacuum that only vacuums is a good goal to achieve, but the Mahli robot vacuum can also mop and sweep. Its price is one of the most budget-friendly, as it’s sold for less than $80 when the average price of a robot vacuum is 10x times more than its price.

Here’s a list of the Mahli Robot Vacuum Features:

  1. It Mops, Sweeps, and Vacuums

This is called a 3-in-1 feature that is often disregarded when it comes to robot vacuums. This feature is the ultimate one, since some of the most advanced ones can only vacuum and can’t do the mopping and sweeping.

  1. Works Great on Hardwood Floors

Better than most of its competition, the Mahli Robot Vacuum provides a great performance on hardwood floors, and gets rid of most debris types on that flooring type. Additionally, its performance is quite astonishing on low-pile carpets, contrary to that on rugs and high-pile carpets.

  1. More than a Year Warranty

Most robot vacuums provide a single-year warranty, as it’s well-known that robot vacuums last 1-2 years max. Therefore, Mahli provided a 2-year warranty, higher than most known warranties of 1 year only.


Mahli Robot Vacuum is one of the finest economical robot vacuum models on the market, empowered by its set of astonishing features. You can check the CleanersAdvisor guide on the model to have a full experience with this economical robot vacuum. However, obtaining an $80 robot vacuum should be neither hard nor impossible with such great features.

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