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For so many housebuilders and owners, building projects are exciting but challenging tasks to undertake. Some homeowners to-be, get excited to own apartments but either get stuck while executing the project or end up with houses that are unable to withstand the test of time. Every building phase is important to the successful turnout of a house in terms of aesthetics, design, and functionality – from the design and planning stage to the interior decor. It isn’t just enough to have an amiable looking home, such a building should be able to protect you and your family over a very long time. A high-quality home can be constructed with the right choice of building materials. This is one of the factors that determine how successful the future construction process will be. Unfortunately, not all houses are of superior standards.


Depending on the phase of construction and the geographical location of the site, you would need certain building materials that will augment the construction process and give you the desired result. Before embarking on such a project, here are some other factors you need to consider, after which we will get right down to business – knowing what materials to use for different parts of your home. In the meantime, understanding these construction factors would go a long way in ensuring that your project is completed within the stipulated time-frame, with the best outcome.

Climate Zone

This is one area that leaves most homeowners in the dark. To these people, it’s all about getting a site, assembling construction workers, and kicking off the building project. However, there is more to it than just bricks and mortar. Certain construction materials are ideal for specific climates, whereas others are not. The weather condition of the site location would determine what materials to use for construction.


Time is an essential element, and it must be efficiently utilized towards constructing your dream home. It is important to have a timeframe for your project – a start and finish period. This is one challenge project managers and aspiring house owners face. They begin the project, everything seems to be going on fine… then suddenly, the project is being halted for one reason or the other, making it impossible to complete the building. If the construction needs to be sped up, then materials with a long lead time may counter such goal. It would be more effective to go for prefabricated ones. Importantly, you need to decide how much time should be allotted to your building project.


People don’t just wake up one day and start building houses. There is always a motive behind such initiatives. The choice of building products is dependent on your purpose of construction. Do you intend to build a house to lease, a large family apartment, or one for you alone? This determines the type of building material to use. For your personal apartment, you can go for lighter and delicate products like wood. On the other hand, harder and wear-resistant materials such as brick or concrete would be ideal for bigger apartments.


One of the most controversial subjects in building construction projects is “budget.” It is one factor that determines the success or failure of one’s construction process. The type of house you build is determined by how much money is allocated to the project. With vast building materials in stores today, it becomes tempting to opt for low-priced items. But bear in mind that cheap stuff wears out faster and easier, as compared to more expensive products. Some of these materials are available in their finished state, while others require extra touches. Besides, maintenance and lifespan are to be considered as well. Hence, you need to take stock of the total expense of your building project before you commence.


Another essential aspect of construction is the building site. Some locations require that you fill them up before commencing on the project. With such projects, rocks, bricks, sand, and other retentive materials would come in handy. If your site is located in fire- or earthquake-prone areas, certain materials are needed to augment the building process.


Building Products You Need For Your Home

At this point, you have a solid idea of the factors to consider before building your dream home. It is time to take a look at some building products that are essential for your project.


For your building foundation, you need treated wood, clay and sand, and concrete. Treated wood is used to construct a crawl space foundation. It is cheaper when compared to other foundation building materials. This type of wood is placed in preservative chemicals to protect it against termite and other insect infestation that would cause the wood to rot. Furthermore, it is easy to use and doesn’t need concrete. Another foundation building option is concrete. This material goes well with a moderate and mild climate. You can construct a solid and long-lasting foundation with the use of concrete. Another option to the use of cement in concrete is fly ash. It is beneficial in terms of cost and strength. Additionally, it takes in less water than the traditional concrete.

The essence of clay and sand is to provide proper drainage for water on your property. To have ideal drainage, consider elevating the foundation above the grade level. The foundation is then coated with a layer of clay and sand, after which left to dry, would be able to accommodate other construction materials.


One of the toughest parts of your home is the roof. This is the area that shields you from weather elements and intruders. Hence, your choice of materials matters when constructing your roof. There are several roofing options to consider, which include tiles, metals, and fibreglass shingles. Tiles can be of the standard weight, lightweight or concrete. Concrete tiles are not ideal for all roof frames. It is important that you have a sturdy roof frame before considering this option. On the other hand, you can use tiles made from asphalt, clay, or wood. They are available in different shapes and colours as well.

Metal roofs offer durability and strength against wind and other elements. They are available in various types and easy to cut out according to the design layout. Fibreglass shingles have thin layers of glass, making them more sophisticated. These layers are embedded in weather-grade asphalt and topped with unique granules. These features make them highly attractive and fire-resistant.

Other construction materials that are used in building a house include bricks and blocks, recycled steel, and wood. There are several reputable construction companies that sell top-quality, durable building products. If you would like to get in touch with one today, please visit this link: Tegral Products for Building.

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