Budget Friendly Home Decor Projects Anyone Can Do

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Making small changes here and there to your home’s interior can help boost its value. The housing market has been performing amazingly these last few years but experts predict a crash is coming. Unless you take steps to reinforce your property’s value then it could end up being worth less than you paid for it. That’s why we made this ultimate budget friendly home decor projects collection that any average homeowner can do with ease.

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Unless you have experience in interior design the prospect of renovating and redecorating your home will probably sound daunting. Don’t worry though this post has you covered. Here are some budget-friendly projects you can try out at home:

Building Furniture

Pick up any interior design magazine and you will see that furniture built into the foundation of houses is very hot right now. Kitchen islands, attached river tables, and pillars can all boost your property’s value. Out of all of these river tables are the easiest to put together. You will need to buy quality wood, specialist epoxy used for river tables, and carpentry tools. Experts advise consulting online guides and video tutorials, as these learning resources can give insight into how to properly put together a river table. If you will be building freestanding furniture, when you sell your house include your creations as fixtures and fittings.

Window Furnishings

Adding window furnishings like plantation blinds or shutters to each of your home’s windows can be another effective way of boosting value and improving its appearance. The good thing about plantation blinds in particular is that they suit both modern and old homes. Experts recommend picking up wooden plantation blinds as they tend to last longer and are usually much more durable than plastic or metal ones. Of course, wooden ones are also the most sustainable option. When decorating your house it is always good to try and adopt sustainable practices.

Repainting Interior

The walls of most people’s homes look tired and stressed. More often than not this is because they do not bother to touch up the paint or remove stains. Even the most minor stains should be removed immediately as over time they can accumulate and give a person’s home a dirty and uncared-for appearance. If your walls are not in as good condition as they should be then why not repaint them? Select paint that is low in chemical content or that is completely free of VOCs. Exposure to VOCs can be bad for your health. Keep paint high in these chemicals away from your family and yourself.

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Buying Wallpaper

A popular alternative to paint is wallpaper. The vast majority of people view wallpaper as dated and unfashionable. However, in recent years bespoke wallpaper has become a trend in interior design circles. Designers like Christopher Moore, Brigitte Singh, and William Morris have seen their sales skyrocket. No matter what style or theme you are trying to achieve at home, you will be able to find wallpaper that suits it. Whether it is a modern or old design, look hard enough online, and suitable wallpaper will eventually appear. You can save money on redecorating home by applying wallpaper yourself rather than paying your chosen designer to dispatch somebody to do it for you.

Replacing Doors

Did you ever bother to replace your property’s doors when you moved in? Probably not. Most people have doors made from plywood or PVC. While such doors do what they are supposed to, at the same time they are awful insulators and also look very unattractive. Solid wood doors are a much better option, practically and aesthetically. If draughts are a problem in your house then you can mitigate unwanted gusts of wind by buying draught excluders. Draught excluders can be fitted around the gaps in your doors and windows.

Using Carpets

If your house was built in the last few decades then it’s very likely your floors are laminate or imitation wood. Developers use these materials because they are cheap to source and most people cannot tell the difference between them and the materials they are imitating. Carpets provide better insulation, soundproofing, and comfort than the aforementioned materials, making them a much better option for your house. Out of all of the suggestions made here carpets are by far the most expensive. To re-carpet a house you will have to spend thousands of dollars. Notwithstanding costs, carpets are a fantastic investment and will benefit you for years to come. Carpets are also very desirable among homebuyers.

Buying Rugs

Carpets are expensive. Those reading this on tight budgets will probably not be able to afford them. However, just because you cannot afford new carpets does not for a second mean that you can’t still invest in floor furnishings. Persian and Berber rugs are popular among interior designers right now. Berber rugs in particular are great additions to houses without good insulation as they are thick, entirely made from wool, and very heavy. In the Atlas Mountains, Berber people actually use these rugs as blankets. A basic Berber rug will cost no more than $1,000. Some can go for up to $10,000, however.

Auction Furniture

Buying new furniture for your house can be another good way of improving the way that it looks. While new furniture will have no bearing whatsoever on the value of your property it can still enhance the enjoyment you derive from being there. Quality furniture costs a fortune these days, however. Instead of furnishing your house with new items, buy from auction. You can get some incredible deals on solid wood furniture at auctions. No matter what period or style you are interested in you will be able to find an auction that specializes in it. One word of advice: When buying at auction always take fees into account. Auction fees always take amateurs by surprise.

Creating Theme

Your house needs a theme, there is no getting around it. Because most people have no knowledge of interior design it is not uncommon to find their houses haphazardly decorated. Before painting, buying wallpaper, or shopping for furniture, you should sit down with your partner and talk through themes. Come up with a theme that appeals to both of you and then implement it. Ensure you are both on the same page before going out and buying things. Work out a budget for your décor project too. Interior design isn’t cheap.

People will judge you based on the way that your house looks. Unless you want guests and visitors to think you are careless, take the steps given here and make improvements to your home. These budget friendly home decor projects can raise the value of your house, improve its visual appeal, and make it a nicer place to spend time.

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