Although coffee pods are meant to be used with a coffee brewing machine, it’s not something you have to stick to. When you don’t have a coffee making device around you, there’s no way you’re going to leave the idea of having a nice cup of coffee, are you?

How To Brew Coffee

That’s why the question comes up – how to brew coffee pods without a machine? Well, the good news is, you can make a cup of coffee without using a device. All you need to do is apply some life hack techniques. And that exactly is why we are here today.

How To Brew Coffee

In a broad sense, there are basically two ways you can get this thing done. The first method requires you to use simply a cup and a pot of hot water. The second one needs a microwave, as well. Follow any of these methods to make a sizzling cup of coffee in no time, of course, without a machine.

Method 1: The Hot Water Way


  1. Coffee pods
  2. High shot glass or simply a glass
  3. Hot water

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Take the capsule in your hand. Turn it upside down, and you will notice that the bottom of it is made of soft plastic. You take a pair of scissors and cut a wide hole in it. If you don’t have scissors, you can always use a knife.

Step 2: Slowly peel off the lid of the pod. Make sure you don’t spill any coffee out of it. The coffee powder inside comes optimally measured, so wasting will definitely cause the taste to degrade.

Step 3: Now take the glass, and put it on the top of the glass. Let the hole you cut to be placed in the lower direction. Gently push a bit if it is trembling.

Step 4: At this point, take the pot of hot water. Pour gently over the coffee powder and make sure the liquid is dripping through the hole beneath. Don’t be too quick to pour water as it will cause some of the powder to spill off. For the best use, you can always go for the best french roast coffee.

Step 5: Remove the pod from the glass and make sure no residue is left. Throw it in the bin and have a look at the glass. A nice looking cup of coffee, isn’t it?

How To Brew Coffee Pod Without A Machine

Method 2: The Microwave Way


  1. Coffee pods
  2. High shot glass or simply a glass
  3. Normal Water
  4. Microwave machine

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Take the coffee pod and gently peel off the top lid. You will expose the coffee powder inside. Handle it carefully, as it may get spilled.

Step 2: Now take the glass and pour water in it. Make sure the water is not overflowing the top of the glass. As you will be pouring the powder inside, you must make sure there is enough room for it.

Step 3: Pour all the coffee powder inside. Take a spoon and stir the mix pretty well. There should be no chance for a clump formation in the water. Make it smooth and completely liquid.

Step 4: Now put the glass of coffee inside the oven. Set it as default temperature and take at best 60 seconds for the coffee to get hot. Once done, take it out of the oven.

Step 5: Now stir it again with the spoon. You don’t want it to get clogged inside as it cools down. And it’s not an instant coffee, so it will take time to get prepared for consumption.

Step 6: After a while, take the glass of coffee and have a sip! You’re done!

Why Do You Need To Brew Coffee Without A Machine?

There may be plenty of reasons for this. The primary reason people look for this hack is the compatibility of brands. Suppose you have a machine that only supports the beans from that brand. But you’re a fan of the best dark roast coffee beans that can be used in some other branded machine. What do you do? Go for a new one? No! That’s why you need to build your own life-hack mechanism to make yourself a good cup of coffee without getting restricted to a specific coffee-machine brand.

A separate reason can be the urge to enjoy the better blend of coffee that is only found in a coffee pod. If you’re a regular consumer of instant coffee, you can feel the difference between these two while you take the capsule coffee. So as you may not have a machine, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the tasty blend, right?

Final Words

We have shown you two different yet quite easy methods of brewing coffee without using a machine. If you are up for a coffee-shot today, you can definitely apply these techniques to get the best out of a coffee pod. Cheers!