7 Efficient Uses of Coffee Grounds

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, and people consume it at least 2-3 times a day. If you also drink coffee daily, then you might definitely have a specific choice for making it. Either you use the coffee machine or make the coffee on your own by grinding the coffee beans at home. If you haven’t tried making coffee on your own and are willing to do so, then find the best coffee bean and give it a try. We are sure you will prefer this method because you can experiment with the coffee powder in many different ways. Once you drink the coffee, you must be throwing the used coffee grounds in the dustbin. Many people do this, but do you know that there are various practical uses of coffee grounds in your home, garden, and skin improvement? Instead of throwing them in the garbage, you can use them in different household and personal uses.

grind coffee grounds

In this article, we have arrayed seven effective uses of coffee grounds that are simple and rewarding.

Use in candles

If you are a coffeeholic, then you might be fond of the coffee smell. You can use the coffee grounds in making candles and enjoy your favorite coffee aroma whenever you like. Adding the layers of coffee grounds in white wax gives an attractive look to the candle. As the candle starts burning, the coffee grounds heat up and release the coffee smell all around. It offers a dual benefit as the candle looks great and also makes you feel good. Hence, you won’t have to invest in any aromatic oils. You will find a bunch of candle making guides on the internet if you haven’t made them before.

Use to enrich your garden or plants

Used coffee grounds have a rich amount of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins, and various other minerals. They are also rich in nitrogen, which is one of the essential ingredients for plant growth. The worms are likely attracted to nitrogen-rich soil, which helps in enriching the plants. The coffee grounds also help to aerate and fertilize the soil effectively. They help in decreasing the composition of heavy metals that tend to contaminate the soil.

composting in the garden

Sprinkling coffee grounds to the outdoor surfaces such as patio or area beside the flower beds helps in maintaining the acidic levels of soil. The slugs don’t like the acidity of coffee, and hence, it keeps them away from the plants or your garden area. If you use carrot seeds for plantation, add the used coffee grounds for faster and more effective growth. Hence, instead of throwing away the used coffee grounds, you can add them to your compost bins or sprinkle over the soil in your garden.

Use to repel pests in your house

There might be many bugs, snails, and ants coming into your home through windows or doors. Most of these bugs and ants don’t like the acidic nature of coffee the same as the slugs. Hence, you can use the coffee grounds to repel them and keep the areas cleaner than before. You can spread the coffee grounds over the vulnerable areas of your home and replace them from time to time to maintain the coffee aroma and its acidic intensity that repels the pests.

cockroach on faucet

If you have a cat or dog in your house, then you might be looking for various ways to remove the fleas from their skin. One way to remove the fleas off from your pets is to wash them with the coffee grounds. Remember to do this outside your home so that the fleas don’t spread in your home.

Use to improve your skin’s health

The coffee grounds prove to be a great exfoliator because of their rough texture and acidic content. They also contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which help in sanitizing the skin. People who are allergic to chemical products can use coffee grounds for improving their skin’s health. You will find various methods on the internet to create home-made scrub from the used coffee grounds, which you can use to improvise your skin’s health.

Use to remove stains

The grainy texture of coffee grounds works as abrasive on hard-to-clean surfaces. You can use them to clean your kitchen countertops in case of stuck up grime. Other than that, if your utensils have become dull and full of stains, then sprinkle the coffee grounds and scrub as usual.

stain on table

Rinse thoroughly to remove the stains and gunk stuck on the utensils.

Use to remove odor

Coffee powder possesses a strong smell, which remains even after you use them for making the coffee. Once you have made the coffee, dry the used coffee grounds and keep them in a pouch or jar. You can either place this pouch or jar in the refrigerator or near the sink to avoid the bad smell from spreading around. You can even use the coffee grounds to unclog the drains. All you need to do is pour the coffee grounds in the sink, add liquid soap and then pour some boiling water. It will also help to remove the bad odor coming from the drainage pipes.

Use to add a new look to your wooden furniture

You might have seen that the wood furniture starts showing scratches easily. It might dishevel your interiors if you have well-designed home decor. There are various ways to remove the scratches off the furniture, but they cost you some money. Instead, you can use the coffee grounds along with the water and make a thick paste. Apply this paste onto the scratches with the help of a cotton dab and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Once it dries, check if the paste’s color matches with the furniture and then accordingly add another layer of the paste.


Most people throw the coffee grounds as they are unaware of all its uses. But we hope that now you are familiar with all the different uses of used coffee grounds in your life.

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